Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thrift Store Items to Sell on eBay - Huge List

As an eBay seller earning my living online since 2003, I have sold thousands of items sourced at thrift stores. Below is a list of items that my readers and I have personally found at thrift stores. This list is meant to help you get started sourcing profitable items to sell on eBay. I will continue to add any future posts to the list so you might want to bookmark this page to refer to in the future.

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Top 10 Thrift Store BOLOs

Affliction t-shirts

Alpaca Sweaters

Animal Orgy Coffee Mugs 

Appliance parts

Ariat Riding Boots

Beatrix Potter Items

Birkenstock Sandals

Bobby Jones Golf Shirts


Born Mary Jane Shoes

Blue Remington Hot Rollers


Briggs & Riley luggage

Brighton Shoes (Womens)

Chenille Bedspreads  

Christmas decorations

Cole Hann Loafers (Men's)

Cycling Jerseys

Denim Modesty skirts

Down Vests

DVF Dresses

Eileen Fisher Apparel

Exclusively Misook clothing

Far Side Collectibles

Ferragamo Shoes

Fiestaware Dishes

Fire King Jadeite

Free stuff from your own yard

Frye Boots

Griswold Cast Iron Skillets

Jeff Rose Golf Shirts

Jigsaw puzzles



Magazines (not collectibles - current issues)

Masters Golf Polo Shirts

Mephisto shoes

Men's Blazers and Sport Coats

Men's neck ties

Monopoly games, tokens, and boards 

My Buddy dolls

North Face Coat

Obsolete office supplies (cassette tapes, typewriter ribbons, etc.) 


Paint by number paintings

Perler beads

Pizza Hut Mugs

Plush (stuffed animals)

Ralph Lauren Crested Blazers

Ralph Lauren Equestrian Skirts

Ralph Lauren Label Clothing

Richard Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Rollers

Richard Scarry Vintage Books

Robert Graham Shirts

Rothschild Coats

Snoopy Fire King Mugs

Starbucks Bearista Bears


Top 5 Shoe Brands

Top 5 T-Shirt Brands

Under Armour

Vintage Character Sheets

Vintage Pyrex - Amish Pattern

Vintage Electric Hot Rollers

Vintage Lady Schick Hot Rollers

Vintage Personal Care Items (still in packages)

Vintage Rotary Phones

Vintage Typewriters

Wal-Mart Clothing Brands
Learn how to make more money with thrift store finds with my downloadable course, The Profitable World of Pre-Owned Women's Clothing.


Debbie J said...


I found two Fire King Hollie Hobbie mugs at the thrift store, but they have this smokey paint like stuff on the top part of them and a little on the inside. I can't figure out what it is. At first I thought it as supposed to be that way. Oh well, I'll donate them back to the thrift store!

papel1 said...

Thanks for the list. I will take it on my next shopping trip to the thrift stores.

Ginger said...

I just started reading your blog last night and boy, was I pumped when I went to bed! After taking the kids to school this morning, I hit the thrift stores and lo and behold, what did I find? Not one, but TWO Bobby Jones golf shirts! I would have NEVER known to look for those. Got a few old character sheets and pillow cases, too. Can't wait to get them up on ebay later tonight! Thanks!!!

Joey V. said...

Thanks for the tips, I live across the street from a second hand store and never know what to look for. This will help a lot!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the list. I have always wanted to know what was popular at thrift stores to resell.

Kristi said...

I recently bought a Cashemere sweater at a local thriftstore for $3.49 & just sold it on ebay for $50+! Adding Cashmere to the list of must buys!

Anonymous said...

We can't forget some of the brands the kids are into these days and craigslist.I bought a pair of jeans for $40 and sold them for $144.I have been looking for shoes,purses and jeans at not only thrift stores but craigslist.

The Taste Lady said...

Great list -- thanks for sharing. I passed up 2 burma bibas shirts today at a thrift and they were 75% off! Might have to go back.

Tara Dennis said...

I recently had great success with a vintage tin sand pail. Got it in a free bin, it was by the Ohio Art Company. I couldn't find too much info on it, but saw some similar ones on ebay and etsy. Sold it for almost 50+. It was really dinged up, but was a pretty hot item anyway- more bids, views and follows that I usually get.