Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plea from Europe for US eBay Sellers to Ship Internationally

Today, I received the following email from a reader in France. I asked for his permission to share this with you, as it may give you the push you need to start shipping internationally.

He wrote,

"My wife and I live in France, and we check in on your site from time to time for ebay ideas. My jaw dropped when I followed your link to Kohls recent sweater sale.

It's so frustrating, though, to not be able to order items from some of our favorite stores : Kohls, Target, Office Depot, etc.

Why? They won't deliver outside the US? :(

Please encourage your readers not to make the same mistake!

As the dollar continues to lose its value against commodities and world currencies, people like us are cruising eBay for great deals.

And if I may, I would encourage Americans to use the US postal service exclusively. Sometimes w/ UPS, we get stuck paying outrageous customs fees or they won't hand over the package! Something that's never happened with the US Postal Service."

So there you have it. A direct request for goods from the USA. If you aren't already shipping internationally, what are you waiting for? If you are intimidated by international shipping, my eBook will help you:

eBay International Shipping Made Easy