Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Recap from Dallas eBay Workshop - Now Booking for Charlotte and Orlando!

We had a fantastic workshop in Dallas! Melanie and I loved visiting the city and meeting such a great group of motivated and dedicated sellers. Thanks for having us!

Our tentative next stops are:


This is an 8 hour workshop packed with information! Some testimonials from the Dallas group:

This is not a list of brands. You will learn about these topics:

Natural fibers are superior to synthetics. Learn what they are, why they are expensive, and why they are superior, and what they feel like so you can become a better and faster picker by recognizing these fabrics when shopping for inventory to sell. 

A garment's value depends on not only the fabric, but how it is made. The skill that goes into making a superior garment can be recognized easily - but you have to know what you are looking for. See high quality and low quality items up close, and understand the details so you can recognize high quality and low quality items without even knowing the brand.

In-home clothing hacks, easy repairs, and when to sell an item "as is" and skip the repair all together. 

Dos and don'ts for storing clothing - protect your investment and make sure you are storing clothing properly.

Learn the hot trends in fashion now, and make sure you are speaking to you buyers using the correct vocabulary. If you don't speak to your buyers correctly, they won't find your listings. 

Learn the names of specific fashion details and styles. This section updated seasonally so as an attendee of my workshops you will receive updated videos as I make them. 

It's tough, or even impossible to Google something when you don't know the name for it. Learn strategies to figure out what something is called when you don't know the name.

Everything you ever wanted to know about authenticating but were afraid to ask! Keep your account happy and healthy and make sure you understand eBay's VeRO program.

My proprietary innovative idea section for marketing your eBay items in creative ways. Strategies I have come up with over the years to increase sales and speak to specific audiences shopping for specific items. Stuff I was inspired to do and it works!

50% of eBay transactions are touched by mobile - purchased, viewed, questions asked, etc. If your listings aren't optimized, buyers can't read them, and you ARE losing sales. Learn how to optimize your listings. 

No up-selling or sales pitches about 3rd party services. Learn ways to use free apps to help run your eBay business more efficiently. 

If you aren't selling locally on Facebook groups, you are leaving money on the table. 45 minute section all about how to use FB groups for buying and selling, protocol, negotiating, FB group selling  best practices, and how to cash in on this local opportunity. 

Learn to use dead time during the day (in the dentist office waiting room, waiting for kids to take their lessons, traveling, when you are stuck somewhere but still have internet on your phone) to find items online to resell.  Great strategy for caregivers or those with medical issues who can't get out and source as much as they would like.  

More information about this comprehensive workshop in a 20-minute video:

Booking for Charlotte and Orlando NOW!

Registration Ends at Midnight on July 27, 2017

See you soon!