Thursday, February 22, 2018

FREE eBay SEO Research Tool - How to Find Out What Buyers Want

Unfortunately eBay research is limited - we can only look at completed listings for a limited time. And eBay does not provide much in the way of traffic reports, referring search word reports, referring domain reports - all the important things we want to know to improve our business.

We can all sell a lot more stuff if we knew what buyers WANT - what people are searching for, shopping for, and researching online using search engines.

When eBay took the Omiture reports away, it was quite a blow to those of us who used the reports to improve our businesses. As a blogger and writer who is trained in SEO (search engine optimization) for over 10 years, I figured out a way to use a keyword tool that writers use, for eBay research.

Now, keep in mind, that this tool is NOT provided by eBay. I had an "aha moment" and married this keyword writing tool with the need for better eBay research. I use this FREE tool frequently to discover what buyers want based on what searches are done on the internet.

For an in-depth explanation of this free research tool, that will help eBay SEO, check out my video here.