Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Keywords for Selling Handbags on eBay

Keywords are everything on eBay - they are how your customer finds the product. So optimizing your keywords are essential in traffic to your items, and eventually sales.

Thanks to Shannon for posting this info-graphic on handbag keywords in my Facebook group:

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Friday, February 20, 2015

72 Unique Items that Sold Big on eBay in 2014

And now for something completely different...

Year after year, I am always shocked at what sells on eBay and for how much! I share lots of these great finds on my blog, but these kind of “gems” come faster sometimes than I can write.

Over the last year, I have been keeping note of the unusual, unknown, oddest, and the highest moneymaker sales that have occurred on my personally eBay store. These 72 “gems” aren’t specific to any event that occurred in 2014. They are evergreen finds that many eBay sellers miss.

I will show you the real completed listings, the real numbers, and how you can make this real money yourself.

You will:

    Learn which categories have the best unsung, yet high profit finds

    Find which items (or parts) give you the best ROI

    View real screen shots of what has really sold and for how much

    Know exactly where and how you can source these items

    Discover how to think outside of the eBay box for the items most sellers miss

Grab your copy of my 72-page ebook here and find out what you have been missing!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

The eBay Free Shipping Dilemma

Years ago on eBay, offering free shipping helped sellers place higher in searches. In other words, eBay rewarded sellers who offered free shipping with a boost in search. That is not the case now.

Free shipping is now a big debate between sellers.

The positives:

1. Buyers respond to listings with free shipping. It is a marketing tool to attract buyers.

2. Free shipping is a guaranteed 5 stars on DSRs. It is somewhat of an insurance policy that helps guarantee 5 stars for shipping cost.

The negative:

If a buyer returns an item that had free shipping on it, the seller is usually out the shipping cost to the buyer because the cost of shipping was included in the sales price.

So which is the best way to go? It depends on what is most important to your unique business. I personally offer free shipping on items that can be shipped first class or in a padded flat rate envelope. (For my own items, not consignment items.) So if the item is returned, the cost of shipping lost is minimal.

What is your opinion on free shipping? Is it more important to get the 5 star DSR rating or not risk losing money if the item is returned?

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Free eBay Shipping Flow Chart - Updated for 2020


No need to worry anymore about how to figure out shipping when listing eBay items!

Understanding how to charge for shipping and what materials to use is the most overwhelming parts of  being a new eBay seller. Thousands of sellers ship items from home using USPS every day. Anyone can learn this - so don't be intimidated if you are struggling but afraid to ask for help.

I have created a very simple step-by-step flow chart that walks you through the entire process of setting up shipping charges when listing an item. I also give you resources for what kind of scale to order, when to use your own packaging vs the free USPS supplies.

This flowchart is a free download - print it out and post next to your computer to help you learn the ropes.You can do this, I promise! (Revised June 2020 - so it is current!)

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