Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Much is Your Household Trash Worth on eBay?

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Are you throwing away trash every week that could be sold on eBay as a craft supply item? Recycling and repurposing is getting more and more popular and environmentally conscious crafters are turning to eBay to get their supplies. And yes, the toilet tissue rolls in the photo above are really considered a craft supply! To prove my point, check out all these cool things made on Pinterest  on a board called Toilet Paper Roll Art, like this beautiful desk set for holding writing utensils:

Craft enthusiasts have to get their supplies somewhere, and saving them up on their own can be time-consuming, so they are buying these items on eBay. Check out my podcast, about selling trash on eBay here. You will be surprised at what you are throwing away that can be turned into money on eBay.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Newsletter Correction - Selling Dust Bags on eBay

Last week in my newsletter, in the "Hidden Treasures" section, I mentioned selling dust bags from designer handbags on eBay. According to completed listings, hundreds of these had sold in the past 30 days and just as many were listed for sale. At one time, dust bags were allowed to be sold on their own on eBay without the original product. I did not do my homework and several readers informed me that this policy has changed. The dust bag can only be sold if it is with the original item it came with.

According to the eBay Prohibited Accessories Policy on eBay:

Some brand name products come with accessories, a warranty, or protective packaging as part of the purchase. For example, a watch may be packaged in a custom box and may come with the manufacturer's warranty. Not allowed:

Accessories or packaging without the accompanying product. Examples include:

Dust bags

Plastic tags (including a tag with a serial number


Tissue paper

Box for a branded watch without the accompanying watch

Empty jewelry pouch, tin, or other container that may be used to hold and sell a similar or identical produc

Warranty or certificate (blank, valid, or expired) without the accompanying product

So under this policy, items like iPhone boxes, Tiffany jewelry boxes, Gucci watch boxes, etc.are not allowed to be sold without the original product.

This is another case of, "Just because it is on eBay doesn't mean it is allowed." I apologize for the error and providing incorrect information. One thing about eBay, it is always changing!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turning Watchers Into Buyers - The Proof!

If you read my post, "Watchers Not Buying - Try This Strategy" you may be interested in a little experiment some members of my Facebook group did. Several members raised their prices on some eBay items, and that action resulted in sales. I was curious to see if there are any patterns when it comes to raising prices - does it work better on certain items, in specific categories, or the amount the price was raised. You be the judge.

Here are a few examples, so you can see the actual sales.

Alicia had this American Girl art set priced at $29.95, it had 6 watchers but was just sitting. She raised it to $38.95 and it sold in 3 days.

Magi has this Ralph Lauren golf shirt listed for a couple of months at $74.99 or Best Offer. She had received a couple low ball offers but it hit 10 watchers. Having seen the previous threads about this she bumped the price up to $79.99 and to automatically accept $59.99. The next day it had sold for $60. 

Laurie's listing for these John Fluevog shoes was not a fixed price listing, it was an auction item. She started it at $49.99 and within the first day had 20 watchers but no opening bid. SheI raised the price to $79.99 and got a bid on it within hours. It ended at $90.99. of course she doesn't know if raising the price helped the ending price but it did get bids.

Tracie raised the price on this Right Start Mathematics set from $39.99 to a $54.99 and it sold within hours.

Have you raised a price recently that resulted in a sale? If so, post it in the comments below. Remember as a seller you have the power to change your price in any direction, not just lower. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Are Your eBay Sales Slow?

Something is wrong with your store, but you can’t pinpoint the exact problem. Is it search placement, the type of items you are selling, pricing, or something you don't even realize can be easily corrected?

As part of my website and blog make-over, my eBay Store Critique service is back and is better than ever.  I offer an eBay Store Review, delivered to you in writing within 3 business days, along with 30 days of unlimited support for those unexpected speed bumps and forks in the road.

Check out my eBay Store Review service here and let's see how we can get your sales moving again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thrift Store Hauls vs. Actual Sales - There Is a Difference!

Something is bugging me in the world of promoting selling used items eBay. There are a lot of YouTube videos and blogs showing shopping "hauls." Videos of people showing huge amounts of merchandise they have purchased to resell. Vans full of junk from yard sales or estate sales. Shopping carts full of clothing and household items at a Goodwill store. There is nothing wrong with using YouTube as an income stream and making a large number of videos in an attempt to make some extra cash. Just be careful whose advice you are taking - you will be the one spending the money on inventory that may not sell.

There is a huge difference between shopping and purchasing massive quantities of stuff to resell, knowing what to choose that will sell, and actually doing the work to sell it. Anybody can go to a Goodwill store, fill up a cart, claim they are going to sell a bunch of cheap merchandise on eBay for big bucks, and make a video about it. What you need to consider is, are they really a successful seller? I've never been one to show my hauls because what you buy does not always correspond to what sells. I don't like to mislead people. eBay offers unlimited opportunities, but let's get real. Many people fail in the resale business because they jump out there and purchase too much stuff without doing the research.

There are many other eBay mentors who have great eBay sales records and are very up front about their store names or eBay user IDs. I respect that. I like to see proof, and if you are just getting into this business or looking to grow your business to include different product lines, I encourage you to look for proof of what sells, rather than just be impressed with how much somebody can buy and the fact that they made a video. A few things you can do:

1. Check out that person's eBay store. Look at their feedback. Are they really selling anything?

2. If their store or eBay ID is not provided, ask for it in the comment section of the blog or YouTube.

3. Research completed listings for yourself and see what really sells.

4. Read the Money Making Mondays thread on my Facebook Group. Our members post items that actually sold, how much they paid for the item and where they found it, and links to the completed listings so everyone can see the actual sale.

I also have a board on Pinterest called, "Yep, I sold this on eBay!" that shows screenshots of my actual sales.

If you aren't sure what sells, download my free eBook, "Cash Hiding in Your Home" which showcases 25 common household items that regularly sell on eBay. The book has screen shots of actual sales, not just ideas.

Just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it is true...oh, and I am a French model.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learn More About Vintage Collectibles at Dusty Old Thing

I stumbled across a fun Facebook page the other day that can be a great benefit to eBay sellers - Dusty Old Thing. The page has over 1 million likes so it must be good, right? The page is "Facebook's #1 community for antique lovers."

The folks at Dusty Old Thing consistently post photos of interesting vintage and antique items, not necessarily for sale, but the information is a good fit for eBay sellers looking to learn more about what to sell. You will see everything from antique postcards and love letters, ashtrays, dinnerware, quilts, photographs, kitchenware, tools, clothing, and roller skates. I love seeing their interesting and educational posts pop up on my Facebook feed just when I was lurking on a boring political argument...

So check out Dusty Old Thing here on Facebook and open your mind to old junk that you can sell on eBay!

What Facebook Groups do you find most helpful and educational when it comes to learning about selling on eBay? Post your comments below!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Watchers Not Buying? Try This eBay Strategy!

We have all been there. Multiple watchers on an item and no bids. No questions. Just silence. And waiting. Then more silence. Why don't they just buy it already? Here is something you can try when your item is getting views, has watchers, and nobody is making a move. Try raising the price. That's right - RAISE it. Most sellers in this situation will lower the price to entice buyers to bid or buy. But, if you raise the price, watchers may take action because they want to get the item before the price goes any higher. They may be watching the item to see if you will drop the price. And if you drop it once, you may drop it again - so lowering the price only encourages them to keep watching. Dropping the price isn't as effective as raising it. Try it and see what happens.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Check Out This eBay Seller's Space


I had the pleasure of visiting with another Atlanta eBay seller this week, Catherine Norwood who has an amazing set up in her basement. Catherine is a savvy thrifter with a great eye for designer labels and fashion trends. She started creating her basement boutique collection about a year ago, just visiting different thrift stores around Atlanta, getting great deals on women's clothing, shoes, and accessories, and selling her finds to her friends. Once her business started to grow, she had a space finished in her basement and created a lovely boutique with 2-tiered clothing racks, a try-on area, jewelry displays, and even a mini-fridge with beverages for her customers.

Catherine's Closet has about 2,000 items for sale. Most items are women's clothing ranging from trendy boho tops, classic dresses, suits, skirts, designer jeans, and shoes. She is just starting to learn to sell on eBay. I love working with clients like Catherine who already have the merchandise, know how to find deals, know what sells,and just need some help learning the eBay landscape to reach customers all over the world.

A wide variety of brands are available at Catherine's Closet as you can see in this photo- St. John, Juicy, Armani, Lilly Pulitzer and Michael Kors. During my visit, we discussed the risks of selling high-end clothing on eBay with the VERO program and making sure anything designer is authenticated. Just a note for new sellers, don't start off selling only high-end designer names. Introduce them slowly so that you don't trigger eBay to more closely inspect your account. New accounts with high-dollar items and a lot of expensive brand names can be restricted or the items removed for VERO violations.

Catherine had many different displays set up with clothing on mannequins. This is great for transitioning to eBay since internet shopping is quite different than shopping in person in a boutique. When selling clothing on eBay, it is important to show the garment on a mannequin so the buyer can get an idea of how it fits and how it looks. Catherine had so many stylish pieces and accessorized her displays with gorgeous costume jewelry.

No boutique is complete without vintage! Here is a lovely 100% silk vintage dress. Catherine also has some interesting vintage coats, some Pendleton skirts, pantsuits, and even furs.

Speaking of jewelry, isn't this a cute display? Costume jewelry is a great seller on eBay. Sell by the piece to get the best price. Some good mainstream brands of costume jewelry include Chico's, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, and even some brands from Kohl's.

More jewelry! Be on the lookout for interesting pieces at garage sales, estate sales, and consignment stores. Costume jewelry sells. Be sure to research the brand, style, and color before buying for resale.

Here is the denim section of Catherine's Closet. Trendy embroidered and embellished styles and popular brands like Miss Me, Lilly Pulitzer, and True Religion. A note to new clothing sellers - be careful selling expensive brands as many are fakes. (Blue jeans are faked almost as much as handbags.) Do your research and authenticate before listing on eBay.

And here is the illustrious Catherine posing in her very cool basement boutique. I was really glad we got to visit and that she lives 12 miles from me! I learned a lot from her about clothing and I helped her get rolling on eBay by showing her how to add international shipping to her listings and a few other tips. Let's go shopping soon, Catherine!

Learn more about Catherine's Closet by liking her Facebook page here.

And to learn more about selling pre-owned women's clothing on eBay, check out my online class:

Do you have something interesting going on with your eBay business? A unique set up or product line you would like to share? Send a message using the contact box on the right and I can share it here on my blog.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

eBay Introduces Money Back Guarantee

Did you receive the email this week about eBay changing the Buyer Protection Program to a Money Back Guarantee? According to the email, the new eBay Money Back Guarantee states that eBay guarantees buyers that they will get the item they ordered or they receive their money back. eBay Buyer Protection covers the original purchase price plush original shipping on most items on eBay. The current eBay Buyer Protection policy and claims process is not changing.

This change is to build buyer confidence. If buyers can be confident that they will get what they order, sales will increase. And that's a good thing for sellers! Tune into eBay Radio on Tuesday Nov 5 to hear more about this new program.

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