Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Much is Your Household Trash Worth on eBay?

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Are you throwing away trash every week that could be sold on eBay as a craft supply item? Recycling and repurposing is getting more and more popular and environmentally conscious crafters are turning to eBay to get their supplies. And yes, the toilet tissue rolls in the photo above are really considered a craft supply! To prove my point, check out all these cool things made on Pinterest  on a board called Toilet Paper Roll Art, like this beautiful desk set for holding writing utensils:

Craft enthusiasts have to get their supplies somewhere, and saving them up on their own can be time-consuming, so they are buying these items on eBay. Check out my podcast, about selling trash on eBay here. You will be surprised at what you are throwing away that can be turned into money on eBay.

More overlooked items to sell on eBay:

Metal bottle caps

 Box Tops for Education


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