Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Learn What to Sell on eBay Fast - Cliffs Notes for eBay!

Remember Cliffs Notes from high school? Those study guides written to help you learn quicker, "ease homework headaches," and help you score higher on tests? Well, I have developed something along those lines for eBay sellers to help you study and quickly learn "what to sell" by recognition.

These study guides are designed to help you learn to source products faster and learn by recognition, rather than trying to memorize a list of brand names, logos, or types of high profit items. Sharpen your sourcing skills by studying printed materials in addition to watching videos.

These lists are a valuable resource because they are:

  • Printable! Print out and make your own study notebook to refer to whenever you want.
  • Updated frequently so you are continually getting new information to enhance your sourcing efforts.
  • Alphabetized for easy reference. Organization is they key to effective learning!
  • Created by product category such as clothing, kitchen items, baby items, office supplies - organized the same way a thrift store has departments.
  • Clothing brands are not usually faked. You know me, I stay away from problematic products that can get you into trouble on eBay.

Here is a sample of the format of the study guides. Columns in the charts include:
  • An image of the item, clothing label, or logo
  • Best case pricing scenario
  • Reasonable price point
  • Specific criteria to help you choose the most profitable items
  • Other notes - anything else I can think of to help you make better buying decisions

2 study guides are ready now - women's clothing and discontinued items. The information in these study guides WILL help you make more money on eBay. You don't know what you don't know! And I guarantee you are walking past things in a thrift store that you can sell for good money, you just aren't aware of it. (Hey it happens to everyone, even me!)

These are available in the Premium Content Library. So come on over and sign up so you can have access to this fantastic new learning tool. eBay is NOT dead, there is unlimited money to be made. This stuff is just sitting in thrift stores waiting for you!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Why Moms are Ideal eBay Sellers

Being a mom is challenging. Whether you work outside the home full time, part time, or are a stay at home mom. All moms have their struggles. And you may be looking for a way to bring in extra income to change your employment situation.

Maybe you work full time but really want to transition to being a full time at-home mom.

Or maybe your part time job isn't working out the way you had hoped.

Or maybe you are running a business from home, and want another  stream of income.

eBay could be your answer. Unlike MLMs, there are no start up costs to begin selling on eBay. And eBay is legit - unlike a lot of work at home scams out there.


Parents have a steady stream of "product" to sell as kids outgrow clothes, shoes, toys, educational products, baby gear - you name it. Why get pennies on the dollar at a garage sale? Sell that stuff on eBay and recover your cost so you can have cash to invest in the next stage of your kids' lives.

Check out this playlist especially for moms on YouTube. It is 7 hours of information to help you get started and be successful with your at-home eBay business. Millions of moms do it, you can, too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

$5 Estate Sale Item Sells for $2,500 on eBay

Hi eBayers!

I bet you thought I fell into the black hole of the internet...well I kind of did!

I am back now and will be breathing new life into my beloved blog. I've missed it!

So let's talk about a HUGE eBay sale. George Kelly, who religiously posts on the Money Making Monday thread on my Facebook group, posted this sale of an antique art deco silver plated pitcher he bought for $5. It sold for a whopping $2,510!

Look at how the bidding jumped from $89 to $2,400! Now who said eBay was dead - definitely not George Kelly!

I was honored to be able to interview George on my YouTube channel. He is a 20 year eBay veteran and ran an estate sale company in his former life before eBay. Which is why we can all learn so much from him! Check out the interview here.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back here blogging regularly!

Oh and don't forget to check out my new Premium Content Library here - get a 30 day free trial with coupon code FREETRIAL. 

Happy selling!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Top 6 Tips for eBay Beginners

I've been selling on eBay every day since 2003. I have helped thousands of sellers build an eBay business along the way. eBay is a big place with many moving parts. If you are just starting your eBay journey, here are a few tips to help you succeed faster.

Learn How to Price Items 

You must know how to price an item for the eBay universe. An item is only worth what someone will pay for it, and you can figure that out by looking at eBay completed listings. Here is a video on exactly how to figure out how to price items.

Start by Selling Things You Already Have

Most people think they have to go out and buy stuff to sell. Not true! The average American home has 300,000 items, and $7,000 or more worth of things that can be sold online. I have worked with clients over the years who have decades worth of accumulation in their homes and it could take a good 6-18 months to work through it all. Here are some things you might not know even sell on eBay!

Don't Sell High Risk Items

Sellers often are enthusiastic when starting on eBay, and want to jump in by selling expensive items. Don't do it! You could be the victim of a scam. Start slow, small, and learn the ropes before offering high dollar items. Play it safe! Watch this video about designer handbags - one of the types of items you should avoid until you have more experience. 

Learn About  Shipping

Shipping is undoubtedly the most confusing thing to learn when you are new to eBay. Here is a great video tutorial, with a flow chart, to walk you through the process if figuring out what to charge for shipping.  you don't want to overcharge the customer, and you don't want to short yourself either. Download the flow chart for free.

Buy Some Items to Get Feedback

If you are brand new to eBay and have just opened your account, you need to buy a few items to get some feedback. Your eBay feedback score is calculated from all of your transactions, not just your sales. So it is wise to be a buyer first, get some feedback, learn the ropes, and build your feedback score. Buy small inexpensive things you will actually use like cosmetics, office supplies, pet supplies, stickers for the kids or grandkids, or consumables. Then you won't look like a total newbie when you start to list your first items for sale. It is very, very difficult to sell anything with zero feedback, so get rid of that big obvious goose egg!

Get Help From an Expert

Getting guidance, advice, and support from an expert will move you along the learning curve faster than trying to figure out the pitfalls all by yourself. I can help! Check out my eBay Basics Course here. If you have the basics down but still need help, my Premium Content Library is perfect. You get unlimited email support, new videos every month, and much more. I am here for you!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Should You Wash Thrift Store Clothing Before Selling on eBay?

This is a big seller controversy. Here is what REALLY goes on in thrift stores and why you should wash everything that comes out of a thrift store whether you keep it or sell it.

Watch the video here.  Try not to get creeped out!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

FREE eBay SEO Research Tool - How to Find Out What Buyers Want

Unfortunately eBay research is limited - we can only look at completed listings for a limited time. And eBay does not provide much in the way of traffic reports, referring search word reports, referring domain reports - all the important things we want to know to improve our business.

We can all sell a lot more stuff if we knew what buyers WANT - what people are searching for, shopping for, and researching online using search engines.

When eBay took the Omiture reports away, it was quite a blow to those of us who used the reports to improve our businesses. As a blogger and writer who is trained in SEO (search engine optimization) for over 10 years, I figured out a way to use a keyword tool that writers use, for eBay research.

Now, keep in mind, that this tool is NOT provided by eBay. I had an "aha moment" and married this keyword writing tool with the need for better eBay research. I use this FREE tool frequently to discover what buyers want based on what searches are done on the internet.

For an in-depth explanation of this free research tool, that will help eBay SEO, check out my video here. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

How to Make $100 an Hour on eBay Selling Thrift Store Items

You REALLY can make $100 selling thrift store items on eBay, IF you learn to pick the right things.

For example, I recently spent 3 hours in a Goodwill store, and found 22 items that cost me $94. Based on my research of eBay sold items (comps), I will make a profit of just shy of $600 once these items sell. Here is the math:

Cost = what I paid, some were full price, some were half price.

Fees = I used an easy 15% for fees, since eBay fees are 10%, Paypal fees are 3%, and I added a little wiggle room.

Shipping = I do calculated shipping, so the shipping is always a wash, and paid for by the buyer.

I estimate another 3 hours to photograph and list these items. So the math is:

$619 profit / 6 hours of work = $103 hourly rate. 

*Does not include drive time to the thrift store, which was 15 minutes each way, or shipping, which should be no more than 3 minutes per item.

To see all the items in this thrift store haul, check out the video here.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How to Start an eBay Business for Retirees, Baby Boomers, and Seniors

Whether you believe it or not, pre-retirees, retirees, Baby Boomers, and Seniors are in the perfect position to start or grow an eBay business. Why? It is all about the STUFF!

You have the stuff - decades worth of stuff that you absolutely can sell on eBay.
Your kids don't want the stuff. They aren't trying to be disrespectful - it just isn't important to them the way it is to you. And they don't want to have to deal with it in 20-30 years like you are dealing with it now.

Your life is changing so you don't need the stuff. 

You know all about the stuff. What decade it came from, what was going on in the world when it was popular, and what it is called.

You can use the money from the stuff.

You also have the skills and are technologically savvy enough to tackle the eBay site - which isn't really all that hard. (You are online reading this blog - so you can do eBay!)

You CAN be successful with eBay, and build a flexible business you LOVE, get rid of your stuff, make money when you feel like it, and HAVE FUN doing it from the comfort of home. 

Check out my video about how to get started and start cashing in on the stuff you have accumulated so you can ENJOY this season of your life. 

And take advantage of my Boomer special:

(If you are more advanced, you can choose ANY $39 course.)

If you aren't satisfied with the consultation, no problem, I will refund your money and you can keep the course as my gift. No questions asked, no hassle. 

Let's get going on eBay NOW so you can start downsizing and making money while you are doing it!