Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Vintage Character Sheets

Here is something fun to look for in thrift stores and at garage sales. Vintage bed sheets. You're thinking, "Who would want to buy a bunch of old sheets on eBay?" Collectors and crafters!

Anything with characters from the 60's, 70's, and 80's are very popular on eBay. Some good sellers are Charlie Brown, Peanuts Gang, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars, Smurfette, and even the bear from the Snuggle dryer sheet ads. (I've sold Peanuts and Strawberry Shortcake and they did well.) Here are some recent listings:


Nice Vintage Smurfs Twin Flat + Fitted Sheet Fabric


Notice the number of bids on these listings - 8 bids, 11 bids, 23 bids. A lot of bids indicates a highly sought after item. You can find sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and window treatments at thrift stores for just a few dollars. An interesting twist: People aren't necessarily putting these sheets on their beds. This is another case of recycling - using an item as a raw material for something else. Creative crafters all around the world are making items out of the sheets - such as window treatments , tote bags, and other accessories. If you find these sheets and they are in fairly good condition, try to sell them on eBay. Crafters will cut the sheets apart anyway so it doesn't matter if there are small holes in them. Check out what someone did with some Star Wars sheets:

How to Turn Old Sheets into Shopping Totes

When you are listing the sheets for sale, be sure to use the key words "fabric" or "material" in the title. If you're going to offer vintage character sheets, be prepared to ship them internationally. Some of our USA characters from previous decades are hot in Japan right now.

Click here for my free list of thrift store items to sell on eBay.

Happy Selling!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coupon Giveaway - 500 Free Grocery Coupons!

Well, unfortunately, my coupon experiment didn't go well. I made about $11 for about 6 hours of work. I couldn't keep up. It took more time than I anticipated. About 80% of the coupons sold, but I have too many other things going on to continue to do this for the small profit. I know coupon selling can be profitable, and I am lining up an eBay coupon seller for a podcast to talk more about it. My problem is I don't have any help or enough time to pursue it.

So, now I have over 500 coupons that I will not use. I have chosen what I will use and would like to pass these coupons on to someone. Just leave a comment below if you would like to have these!

Coupons include everything: food, beverage, health and beauty, medicine, pet, and baby. And based on my pile of coupons, I think I am a candidate for the Couponizer! Feel free to post this giveaway on your blog.

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Flea Market Item to Sell on eBay - Fire King Jadeite

Thanks to John S. (who is an avid flea market shopper and garage saler) for sharing this tip:

"Anchor Hocking Fire King items. The best items under this brand to look for are the green Jadeite items. I found 6 mugs at an auction and purchased them for $15 and sold 5 (that matched) for $125 and another time I purchased 11 plates for $30 and someone bought for $110. People seem to go nuts for the Jadeite. Unless you are extremely lucky you probably will not find them at the Goodwill and they do cost a lot more than the white items but people will cough up a lot more for them in the end."

Thanks John! I've never been lucky enough to find any Jadeite, but I always look for it. Here are some resources for learning more about Fire King so that you can identify a good find at the thrift store.

Click here for my free list of thrift store items to sell on eBay. - Fire King collector site.

Suzi Max Blog - All about Depression Glass, 40's, 50's, 60's glass

Anchor Hocking Identification Guide

Happy Selling!

Image Source:, Alice-Jadeite pattern by Anchor Hocking-Cryst

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Masters Golf Shirt

I started my eBay career selling golf shirts on eBay. I live in Atlanta, the golf mecca of the South. My thrift stores are plentiful and abundant, and full of golf (polo) shirts. Many of them were brand new with tags. Golf shirts are given out at tournaments as gifts, prizes, or inside goodie bags. More often than not, the golfer didn’t get his size and just takes the shirt anyway. I am guessing that these brand new shirts end up at the Goodwill store and other thrift shops.

I started experimenting with sizes, colors, logos, brands, etc. I found the #1 hottest seller to be the Masters Golf shirt. Historically, before eCommerce and the internet, Masters shirts were only sold the week of the Masters, at the tournament. They aren’t available any other time at Augusta National Golf Course. You can find them on the internet (as people buy them only to resell them), but prices range upward of $150.00. Look for these in thrift stores for $3 - $5.

For those unfamiliar with golf, The Masters is one of four major championships in men's professional golf, and is always played on the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, GA (about 90 minutes from Atlanta). The Masters takes place during the first week of April, it is the first of the majors to be played each year.

Look for the little yellow USA logo with the red flag. These are hot sellers used, and if you find one new, plan on making at least $60 on eBay. Any size of any type golf apparel with a Masters logo is a good seller. I have found vests, jackets, sweaters, caps, and even Women’s items (even though Women are not allowed to play at this tournament). As long as it doesn’t look like it has been run over by a car, you can pretty much sell anything with the Masters logo on it.

Here is a "pre-owned" Masters shirt that sold on eBay for $33. Click here to see the actual listing.

Click here for my free list of thrift store items to sell on eBay.

You can learn about other golf shirts to sell on eBay in my Golf Shirt Bible.

Happy Selling!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste Deal at Kroger

I stumbled onto this deal when I was in Kroger the other night. My Kroger had Crest Pro Health Night paste in the 7.8 oz tube on closeout for $2.26. It is usually $4.50 to $5 depending on where you buy it.

I also had about 20 of these $1.50 off coupons. I always stockpile toothpaste coupons because they are great to use on the CVS ECB deals when you can get toothpaste for free.

So, I bought 14 tubes (all they had), and using my coupon, each tube came out to be .81 including tax. I got all 14 tubes for $11.27, the cost of about 2 tubes at regular price. Yeah, the checkout clerk gave me a funny look, so I said, "What? I just really, really, really, like to brush my teeth." And I gave her a big smile.

This toothpaste is selling pretty well on eBay. Here is a listing for 4 of the 4.2 oz tubes (half the size of what I found) that sold for $15, with free shipping.

Remember that you can put these types of non-fragile items in a USPS Priority Flat Rate mailer for $4.60 (domestic), unlimited weight. Health and beauty products usually do better in a lot than individually. Always offer international shipping. There are so many products available here in the US that are not available in other countries. And if they don't sell, my family has a year's supply of toothpaste for $11.

Happy Selling!

Paying it Forward - Free Book for Moms

I am participating in the Good Karma Experiment on Facebook so here is a freebie! Get a free copy of my book, "The Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Successful eBay Selling." So many people are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts, or can’t find work at all. Maybe this will help someone make a few dollars from home and pay some bills. (Update 2013 - I just celebrated my 10th year selling on eBay - this is a viable way to earn a living or supplementing your income working from home!)

What will really shock you is all the things in your home right now that people will buy that look like junk to you including kitchen gadgets, junk drawer lots, broken clock parts, and cassette tapes. Check out my newest FREE eBook, "Cash Hiding in Your Home" and start making money with stuff you already have!

Please pass this on to others via email, post on your blog, your Facebook page, Facebook groups, Twitter, work at home groups, or anywhere else you wish. Keep paying it forward and let's hope this reaches someone who needs it.

Click here for more great info about selling the items around your home on eBay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Podcast: eHow Top Writer Maria O'Brien

Today's guest was Maria O'Brien, the top earning writer at eHow, who consistently makes over $2,000 a month from a combination of her eHow articles and other passive income ventures. Learn how you can do this too, all from the comfort of home, in addition to eBay selling. Maria has undergraduate degrees in English Language and Literature and worked as a staff writer and assistant editor at a regional newspaper and then a trade publication. She now works as a freelance writer from home, devoting more and more time to residual income sources.

Maria has helped me tremendously in developing my eHow venture so that I now make a nice consistent income there too! Here is a screenshot of my earnings from 2008 - see what happened in September after I met Maria!

Writing for eHow is something anyone can do from home. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Click here to get Maria's book and start making money on eHow today!

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Hot eBay Item - The Snuggie

Ok, this one just makes me laugh. The product may be great, but the commercial is ridiculous. My 12 year old son and I laugh at the family wearing these to a football game. Come on, get real. No 12 year old kid is going to go anywhere with that thing on - he'd get beat up.

The commercial says you get two Snuggie blankets for $19.99. (So that would be about 10 each plus shipping.) These are selling on eBay for an average of $20 each. Some sellers are profiting on the shipping, charging $24 or more. This item does NOT cost $24 to ship!

The week before Christmas, they were selling for over $100 each. The issue was shipping time: If you ordered it through the 1-800 number or online, it took 4-6 weeks to ship. Some smart eBay sellers bought them ahead of time and had them on hand to sell to the highest bidder. (This tip was announced on my Facebook group back in December.)

Snuggie Royal Blue w/ bonus light

sells on for $18.84 plus shipping. Sellers have reported finding them at Walgreens and Rite Aid for less than that, so you might get lucky.

The profit margin is definitely not as high as before Christmas, but Snuggies are still selling. Click here to see completed listings on eBay.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

100% Cashmere Sweaters - Old Navy Clearance

100% cashmere is a good, reliable, steady seller on eBay. (Click here for more information about selling cashmere on eBay.) I was in Old Navy yesterday and noticed quite a few cashmere sweaters marked down to $20 or less. You can also find these online at You may consider grabbing a few of these to try selling on eBay.

Old Navy Women's Cardigan - $19.99

Old Navy Cashmere Polo - $19.99

Other Old Navy clearance items

If you sign up for the Old Navy email updates, you will receive a $10 off coupon good on a $50 online order. Go to and look for the grey box under the clearance banner. I tried it, and got my coupon in my email box in just a few seconds. The coupon looks like this:

Happy Selling!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Dansko Clogs

I've found a few pairs of Danskos during my eBay selling career, and I always feel like I've won the lottery. I look around the thrift store to see if anyone heard me say "YAY!!!" You can hit big with these shoes. Dansko clogs are made of an oiled leather and are very popular in the restuarant and medical industries as they are extremely comfortable for people who must be on their feet for extended periods of time. The oiled leather material on the shoe is perfect for people who work in environments containing liquid or moisture (such as kitchens or hospitals). Danskos sell brand new for upwards of $100.

I've found them at thrift stores for $3-$5 a pair. Many employees in restaurant or medical fields may not be able to afford a brand new pair at this price, so they often turn to eBay. I've sold used Danskos for over $50. These shoes come in unisex European sizing. Be prepared to ship them internationally. If you want to convert the European sizing to US sizing, use this chart.

Here are some examples of the black oiled leather Danskos that have sold on eBay (these are both used and could have come from thrift stores):

Item #220340549694, Womens size 7.5, sold for $70.

Item #290289073258, Womens size 8.5, sold for $86.

Click here for a list of other thrift store items you can sell on eBay. Want to know about more thrift store finds to sell on eBay? Check out Thrift Store Goldmine, which contains 61 pages of items just like this. You may already have some of these huge money makers in your house, and not even know they are valuable!

Happy Selling!

Friday, January 23, 2009

eBay Coach Experiment: Selling Coupons

I am intrigued by coupon sellers and how they make a profit, so I am doing an experiment. I've been buying coupons on eBay for years but haven't ever sold any. We get a free Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper on Thursdays, filled with the same coupon inserts that will be in the following Sunday's paper. I've managed to secure 20 of these free copies a week to do this experiment. So, my inventory costs nothing.

I have always wondered how coupon sellers make money doing this. It is a very labor intensive process, and I can only see a profit if you can get the coupon inserts free. For the purposes of this experiment, I am offering a batch of 20 coupons for $1.50 with free shipping. Coupons worth $2 and more I am putting on auction with a starting price of .99 and free shipping.

Here is how the math works out:

I wonder how these coupon sellers do it after paying for the newspapers. (You can get them free - read my article on "How to Get Unlimited Grocery Coupons FREE.") Some sell thousands of coupons a month. At 50 cents profit an item, you're going to have to sell an awful lot of coupons to make any money. Also, who is doing all the clipping? Do they hire people? Of course, some of the higher valued coupons sell for much more than $1.50. Some good ones to sell are diaper coupons, medicine coupons, pet coupons, cosmetics, hair products, and any type of refill (such as air fresheners).

I'd love to know more about this. From the looks of my experiment, for the time and effort, I think this one will be a thumbs down. I'll keep you posted!

Happy Selling,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What to Sell on eBay - Move Free Glucosamine Supplement

Supplements are another drug store / grocery store item you can sell on eBay. Here is how you do this deal.

Check WalMart, drug stores, or local grocery store for Move Free Glucosamine supplement, 80 count. This product costs between $18 and $20 off the shelf. Between Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Publix and other stores, someone will have this item on sale buy one get one free during any given week. You just have to check your Sunday paper inserts to see where it is the cheapest.

Next, get some coupons.

Right now, there is a $5 off coupon available. You can either get these on eBay for about $2 for a batch of 20 ($100 in savings), or get them here. The coupon does not expire until 3/31/09. (Note, if you get them on eBay, use a different buyer id than your selling id. You don't want your competition to figure out what you are doing or discover how you are getting the item so cheap. Or, just buy from the other site shown and it will be your own little secret.) You can also click here for more ways to get unlimited FREE coupons.

Combining the BOGO sale with the $5 off coupon significantly reduces your price. Here is the math:

If your store offers a Senior Citizen discount day (Kroger's day is Wednesday and Seniors get 10% off their groceries), see if you can find a friend or relative to go with you and use their discount.

This item sells for up to $22 a bottle on eBay. Click here to see completed listings. Based on this scenario, your profit on one bottle of Move Free could be about $17 before fees. Not a bad deal!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What to Sell on eBay - J Crew Apparel (Michelle Obama Look)

I started selling gently used thrift store clothing on eBay in 2003, and J Crew has always been a steady seller. J Crew fashions are conservative, sophisticated, classic, and timeless. Now with Michelle Obama in the spotlight and in the White House, more women around the world will want to emulate her look. When you are out at thrift stores searching for items to sell on eBay, check the women's clothing and look for J Crew. Here are some items that have worked for me:

Twinsets. Look for 100% wool, cashmere, or those embellished with "bling." Click here for tips on selling cashmere on eBay - it is one of my all time best sellers.

Skirts. The basic black, knee length "career" skirt is always popular and versatile. Pencil skirts are great. Make sure it is lined - a lining indicates higher quality. Wool and gabardine are the best sellers.

Pea Coats. They are popular this year and are a classic. You can often find gently used coats at thrift stores for $5-$10 and they are good sellers.

These styles are good sellers even if they aren't J Crew brand. Here are some more resources for selling gently used (thrift store) clothing on eBay:

Make Money Selling Sweaters on eBay

What to Buy at Thrift Stores to Resell on eBay for Profit

How to Sell Used Clothing on eBay for Profit


Episode 6: What to Sell - All About Women's Clothing
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Happy Selling!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Item to Sell on eBay - Dual Action Cleanse

Sam's Club has this item in a special club pack for $34.95. This item is selling for between $50-$60 on eBay USA. Now is the time for health related products as everyone is in the "new year lose weight" mode.

You will find lots of variations on this product if you check completed listings. You want the club pack shown on item #390017388850 - it appears to be the most consistent seller.

No, you won't become a millionaire selling this, but if you can find it at your Sam's and sell it repeatedly, you can make some easy money.

Happy Selling!

Dual Action Cleanse