Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Get a FREE Michael Kors Leather Handbag

Did that title get your attention? Good.

And it is possible to get a free Michael Kors handbag, with a little ingenuity and finagling.

I received this email from a reader, who wished to remain anonymous:

"Hey Suzanne,

I wanted to thank you for your course on Virtual Picking. I used one of your strategies to get a Michael Kors handbag (for myself!) practically free. Here is what I did.

I saw the handbag on Poshmark and put in an offer of $35.  It was listed for $45 plus $5 shipping. My offer was accepted. Here is a screen shot of the purchase:

I didn't want the fob that came with the bag, so I wondered if I could sell just the fob. I went on eBay and yes, sure enough, Michael Kors logo fobs sell for around $35! Here is a screen shot of the exact fob that sold for $34.99:

When my fob sells, the funds will pretty much cover the cost of the handbag! I had just finished watching your course and that is what gave me the idea to sell the fob to pay for the purse. This is awesome. And we don't have to tell my husband any of this..."

That is fantastic! Isn't it great how things just work out sometimes? Those accessories can go for crazy prices. This is a new one to me - I wouldn't have even thought of taking the fob off the purse and selling it separately. 

In other news, by now you have seen the viral video of the Laughing Chewbacca Mom, who broke the record for the most views on a Facebook livestream video with over 136 million views. Quick thinking eBay sellers cashed in - see how much some of the Chewbacca masks sold for on eBay. Goes to show that paying attention to social media can definitely help you make money.

Make sure you are visiting my YouTube channel often. I've got new playlists going and lots of great info on what to sell, how to increase sales, and answering your FAQs.

Have a great week on eBay!