Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learn More About Vintage Collectibles at Dusty Old Thing

I stumbled across a fun Facebook page the other day that can be a great benefit to eBay sellers - Dusty Old Thing. The page has over 1 million likes so it must be good, right? The page is "Facebook's #1 community for antique lovers."

The folks at Dusty Old Thing consistently post photos of interesting vintage and antique items, not necessarily for sale, but the information is a good fit for eBay sellers looking to learn more about what to sell. You will see everything from antique postcards and love letters, ashtrays, dinnerware, quilts, photographs, kitchenware, tools, clothing, and roller skates. I love seeing their interesting and educational posts pop up on my Facebook feed just when I was lurking on a boring political argument...

So check out Dusty Old Thing here on Facebook and open your mind to old junk that you can sell on eBay!

What Facebook Groups do you find most helpful and educational when it comes to learning about selling on eBay? Post your comments below!

More things you can learn to sell on eBay:

Pre-owned plush (stuffed animals)

Tractor parts

Household trash


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