Friday, July 2, 2010

Mens Ferragamo Shoes - eBay Seller Success Story

Diana (one of my former clients) send in this success story:

Suzanne - I had to tell you about one of my sisters "big" sales. She called me last week and I was on the phone with another person and couldn't get off the phone with them. After the conversation ended, I called my sister back to see what she wanted. She said too late now for she had already left the Goodwill to go home. She said she found a pair of mens Ferragamo shoes for $3.99 but put them back because the soles were pretty worn. I looked them up on e-Bay and told her she should have gotten them. She then proceeded to take a u-turn and head back to the Goodwill to pick them up and sold them tonight for $79.99!!! Unbelievable. I told her I need to start getting a percentage of what she sells (HA!). What I wouldn't give to have that type of Goodwill near my house. It is in a high end part of town so therefore there are more high end items for sale there. Here is the listing:

Thrift store cost: $3.99
eBay sale price: $79.99
Profit before fees: $76

Wow! is about all I can say! If you have a success story to share, send it in to me at eBaycoach @

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