Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vintage Dishes to Sell on eBay - Fiestaware

Fiesta dinnerware is a popular item on eBay. The art-deco dishware appeared in 1936, when the Ohio-based, Homer Laughlin China Co. introduced this line. These bright, one-color, streamlined designs were less expensive and appealed to homemakers of the Depression-era and now to the memories of current Baby Boomers. The unique accessory pieces such as sugar bowls, carafes and casseroles are easy to spot. They are also worth a bit more than the plain dishes!

When buying or selling on eBay, you need to know how to look for vintage items. Fiestaware made between 1936-1973 have the markings “Fiesta HLC USA", “HLC Co., USA” or "HLC Fiesta, made in USA" These vintage pieces are very collectible, costing from $5 to $1000! As pieces are broken over time, collectors look for lids and saucers to complete their settings, but the most valuable are original, full sets.

After a thirteen year pause, the Homer Laughlin China Co. began manufacturing Fiestaware again, marking it as “lead-free”. These newer pieces are referred to as “Post ‘86” or “Contemporary”. They feature brighter colors (2010’s is Paprika) that appeal to current tastes and d├ęcor. Older glazes are often “retired” after awhile (Cinnabar & Evergreen). Look for discontinued colors, as they tend to become more valuable over time.

The third thing is to distinguish between the “First Quality” and “Second Quality” dinnerware. Items can have slight flaws and still be considered First Quality by the manufacturer. They are usually” boxed” or sold in sets and are more expensive. Pieces with more noticeable defects are generally sold individually in Outlet Stores as “Factory Seconds” and are less expensive. You don’t want to pay “First” prices for Factory Seconds.

All Contemporary Fiestaware can be used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Click here to find my huge list of thrift store items that have been sold on eBay for a nice profit.
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