Monday, September 13, 2010

Niche Product to Sell on eBay - Weight Loss Products

The weight loss industry is a booming business, earning companies well over a billion dollars each year. With an assortment of diet pills, foods, and snacks on the market, it is no wonder that anyone selling these products can turn a profit. Finding discounted weight loss items in your area can make for a nice inventory for eBay.

Shopping the clearance section at popular drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens can help you stock up on weight loss items to resell on eBay. These places sometimes mark their items 50% to 75% off the original price, depending on how bad they want to move the inventory. Expiration dates should always be checked, because you do not want to sell an out of date product online.

Join member clubs such as Sam's and Costco. These stores can give you access to bulk lots of weight loss products. When purchased in bulk, products are typically cheaper per item, which can allow for more profit than if you bought the items individually at another store. Look for products new on the market. They may be available in your area but not in other areas of the country yet.

I was successful selling Dual Action Cleanse and Alli when they first hit the market and were available at Sam's. I was able to sell both of these products at a $15 markup from the Sam's Club price, just because it was available to me in my area before it was available to all cities nationwide. I also sold a few of the Biggest Loser food scales when Costco first had them and offered a $10 in-store rebate.

Read the Sunday newspapers for your area for special deals and discounts on weight loss products. Sometimes stores will have these items on sale, and other times a coupon will be needed. The best discount is often buy one get one free, which is sometimes offered by certain stores.

Browse thrift and used book stores for media that is still new. Items that were published within the last year may still be popular and sell well on eBay. For more niche product ideas, check out this resource.

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