Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Ralph Lauren Crested Blazers

These are awesome sellers, and I really don't use that word "awesome" very much. The key here is the crest on the front breast pocket. These blazers sell for around $300 new, but you can find them in thrift stores for around 5-$10. This is a Women's item. If you see one that doesn't look like it has been run over by a car, grab it. These are on my mental list of "always look for in a thrift store."

The gold buttons are important, too. Make sure they are all there. Look on the inside tags, sometimes extra buttons will be there. Also look in the pockets. I can't tell you how many times an article of thrift store clothing has been missing a button and the owner just put it in the pocket. Another suggestion, if you find a Ralph Lauren crested blazer that is in bad shape, an it is cheap, buy it. You can take the buttons off and have yourself a little stash for later, in case you find a really good one that needs a button or two. Be prepared and think ahead!

In your listings, show a closeup of the crest - it is a huge selling point.

Here are a few recent listings for Ralph Lauren crested blazers. All of these are "preowned" and probably came from thrift stores.

Ralph LAUREN Navy Blue Wool Crest Crested Blazer 16
(This seller did a great job with key words in her title!)


Womens blazer jacket Ralph Lauren crest blue M 4P 4 P

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