Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Ralph Lauren Label Clothing

Ralph Lauren is a steady, consistent seller on eBay. But, keep in mind, not all Ralph Lauren items are created equal. Here is a breakdown of the different “levels” as well as quality and pricing of the different Ralph Lauren label items. This report covers men’s and women’s clothing.

Black Label
The top level of Ralph Lauren is the Black Label. These items can retail for over $1,500. In my almost 17,000 item history, I have never found a black label item – but that does not mean they aren’t out there. (Click here to see all completed listings for RL Black Label.) Black label items are men’s and women’s - look for blazers, sport coats, pants, sweaters, dress shirts, skirts, denim, and polos. If you find a black label item, in any condition, it may be worth buying and listing simply for the traffic you will get from those key words. Black label is definitely the elite of Ralph Lauren products. Here is a recent listing for a Ralph Lauren Black Label sweater, used condition (somebody probably paid less than $5 for this at a thrift store):

Ralph Lauren Black Label 2pc Green Cable Knit Shrug Set

Purple Label

Purple label is also exquisite. I have found a handful of cashmere and wool sweaters, and polos. Purple label items will be men’s clothing. Again, purple label is an elite level of Ralph Lauren that will draw huge traffic if you can put this in your store. (Click here to see all completed RL Purple label items.) Here is a recent listing for a Ralph Lauren purple label jacket:

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Men's Black Leather Coat XXL

Blue Label
Still very high end, blue label is the next level. These will be women’s items. Some of these items can retail up to $800 – so don’t pass up blue label items if they are in decent condition.

Green Label

Green label is what I find most often. It is also known as Lauren. Green label is the most mainstream, but still considered a designer label. This line is more moderately priced than the black, purple, and blue labels. Retail price can still be up to $300.

Pink Label

This is a Women’s line. You will see a pink pony on the item, as well as the pink pony tag. These items can retail for over $200. I’ve only found a few, and they did well.

Polo, Ralph Lauren
This is the more mainstream line for men. I find these quite frequently. They will sell well, even if gently used. This line is more moderately priced, however, some of the blazers, sport coats, and overcoats can still retail around $1,000.

Chaps, Ralph Lauren

This is somewhat a discount level of Ralph Lauren. You will find this brand in stores like Kohls. Still good, quality clothing, but Chaps will not bring the same price as the lines above. However, if you find larger items, NWT, they are worth buying. Also, men’s sport coats and blazers in the larger sizes, EUC, do well.
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