Monday, November 10, 2014

Using Facebook Yard Sale Groups for eBay Inventory

Facebook Yard Sale Groups are growing in popularity. Inventory is all around you if you plug in to this resource and keep your eyes open and are willing to jump on deals when you see them.

These groups are beneficial for buying items to resell on eBay, or for selling items that are large, bulky, or difficult to ship. Some benefits of FB Yard Sale Groups:

1.  Facebook Yard Sale groups are free - no listing or final value fees like on eBay.

2. Nothing is shipped - you pick up items locally at a mutually agreeable location. No worries about what to charge for shipping, finding the right box, or tracking.

3. Yard sale groups are easy to join and navigate - users simply post a photo of the item, a brief description, and either set a price or ask for offers.

4. No selling limits.

5. No Paypal account - pay in cash. (If you are selling items on these groups, get one of these  counterfeit money detector pens to make sure the money you receive is real.)

6. Thousands of members. I am a member of 3 local groups with over 15,000 members in each.

Here is a real example of how you can use FB Yard Sale Groups to your advantage as an eBay seller.

I recently saw this Disney Mrs. Potts costume on a local Facebook Yard Sale Group for $15.


This costume sells for between $50 - $100 on eBay depending on size and condition. I was the first in line to say I wanted the item and was at the seller's house in 30 minutes and bought the item for $15. There were a few stains but I knew this would be a good flip.

Being 2 weeks before Halloween, I put the item on auction and it sold with 1 bid of $74.97 plus shipping. The funny thing is the eBay buyer was less than 30 miles from me.

Profit calculation:

Purchase price $15
Sale price $74.97
Shipping paid $8.95
Shipping cost (with eBay discount) $5.40
eBay fees $7.56
Paypal fees $2.47

Total profit $53.60

Buyer was happy and left positive feedback. Not bad for about 20 minutes worth of work!

Inventory is all around you - just pay attention!

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