Thursday, November 6, 2014

eBay is a Game Changer for this Mom

eBay changes lives. I see this time and time again with clients I work with - resilient people facing illness, big life changes like a job loss or divorce, or people determined to get out of debt. eBay is the way for many of them. Monica shared her story on my eBay Sellers' Facebook group:

I have realized in the short 4 months of selling on eBay it has given me so many wonderful rewards. It not just the extra income that it brings in every month. So here is my list.

1. eBay is teaching me a new trade.

2. I can take my 3 year old son to work and teach him colors, shapes, words , etc.

3. eBay makes my 57 year old mother feel good and useful when she finds great items and they sell.

4. I know it's not 100% quality time, but I get to be with my son and see the changes of his growth everyday.

5. A home eBay business is a place that gives me a flexible schedule that I can take care of my family needs.

6.  I have a flexible schedule through the day when I'm not feeling well (I have MS and the fatigue is crazy ).

7. I finally having a savings account and have money in it.

8. I prove to myself that I can be a single mom and support my family (going through divorce at the moment).

9. eBay has made me more money smart. I buy almost everything we need used and save the difference.

10.My eBay business a great motivation to keep learning and pushing myself that if we work hard better things will come our way. We shouldn't dwell on the negative . Get up and do something about it.

Thank you for sharing your success story, Monica. People like you are an inspiration to others looking for a way to use eBay to make their lives work!

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Linda Shields said...

That is just so great--best wishes to this young Mom. She is a smart cookie. :-)

Rebecca said...

Great success story Monica. Just the inspiration I needed. I also have MS and I have been having a bad week and was not able to do my business as much. But the inspiration from your story just gave me a little boost and I can continue on.

Japolina said...

I started selling on ebay in 2000 right after the birth of my second son. I was a trial lawyer and had a live in nanny and found out that she belonged on a episode of "jerry springer". I abruptly quit my really good job and started selling all of my lawyer clothing on this new site called "ebay". When I told my mom-friends at the playground, they started bringing me their stuff at carpool line and a business was born. Many years later and over 10,000 transactions, I still love ebay and think it is a great job for a stay at home mom. It is hard work but I love it!