Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Selling Walmart Store Brands on eBay

Time to get out of your own head again and be open to a new idea. When you are out thrifting, do you usually skip over Walmart brand clothing because you figure nobody would buy it on eBay? Now of course, your profit will depend on the relationship between the price you pay for the item and the selling price on eBay. But if you buy items by the pound at the Goodwill Outlet, shop a special "fill a bag" days, or can buy lots of clothing at garage sales cheap, you may want to open your mind to selling Walmart brands of clothing, when the situation works.

The first step in this process is learning the Walmart apparel store brand names.Walmart clothing brands include:

Faded Glory
No Boundaries
Simply Basic
White Stag

Vintage items can sell for hundreds of dollars. But most of the time, you won't happen upon that rare find. Here are a few examples of completed sales for Walmart brands of clothing, in used condition, that you might actually find when out thrifting....just to blow your mind:

White Stag women's jacket size 3X sold for $44 plus shipping.

Men's George cashmere sweater sold for $80
Women's Faded Glory motorcycle boots sold for $99

No Boundaries women's overalls sold for $36.95

If you still aren't convinced, here are some interesting statistics about completed listings for Walmart clothing brands:

5,000+ completed sold listings for keywords "faded glory" in women's clothing category, eBay USA

5,300 completed sold listings for keywords "white stag" in women's clothing category, eBay USA
3,400 completed sold listings for keywords "no boundaries" in women's clothing category, eBay USA
Keep in  mind that some of the completed listings will have items in mixed lots, but you the idea that Walmart brand apparel can be lucrative to sell on eBay.

This is the kind of information I share in my clothing classes. You don't need access to high end designer brand names to make money selling clothing on eBay. Everything you need is already out there waiting for you to come find it - you just need the knowledge to realize the mainstream brands that can sell. Check out my women's preowned clothing class here and expand your knowledge, and find out what you have been walking by that can make money for you on eBay.

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justbemephotography said...

In my experience, plus size walmart brand clothes sell very well. They usually have a more current trendy look to them, and they are actually nice quality.

Ginger said...

I keep track of my Walmart's clearance racks. I will wait for clothes and shoes to go to $1. but will pay $3 for the plus sizes and they always sell well. The quality is up and down but well worth checking out as they are easy to list and sell well. There are still places in this country that don't have a Walmart in their areas.