Monday, February 10, 2014

Do You Have the Reselling Gene?

I had an interesting experience last week. After feeling bad for a few weeks, I finally went to the doctor. My symptoms weren't too extreme - nagging unusual headache, fatigue, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating, dizziness - a bunch of non-specific stuff. Blood tests revealed that my hemoglobin was 6 - normal for women is between 12-14. The doctor sent me straight to the hospital for a blood transfusion. I totally wasn't expecting that.

During the process of being admitted and cared for, I noticed a few nurses wearing Grey's Anatomy scrubs. I mean, there isn't much else to look at when you are lying in a hospital bed all night. I started asking the nurses what was up with Grey's Anatomy scrubs - are they better than other kinds? Is it a trendy thing?Where do they buy them?

My night nurse, Kelsey, explained that they are more comfortable and wear better than other brands. She said they feel less like cardboard than other brands. So I started looking up Grey's Anatomy scrubs on my eBay mobile app in the middle of the night, and sure enough, they are popular. (I've sold a few cartoon character scrubs in the past, but never really focused on brand.) Here are some stats:

2,815 completed listings for used Grey's Anatomy scrubs on eBay

Best seller - this set of purple top and bottom size medium sold for $49 shipped

Highest price sales are for lots grouped together by size

Use keywords medical, dental, nurse, and nursing scrubs in title

We see scrubs at thrift stores on a regular basis - look in both the short sleeve clothing, athletic wear, and pajamas. They seem to be scattered in different sections. I'll start looking for this brand from now on.

I honestly think there is a reselling gene. Raise your hand if your mind goes to reselling in the most unusual of circumstances. We can't help it. We see opportunities everywhere - if not for buying inventory, for learning about products to sell. Other people are a great source of information so keep your eyes open and ask questions.

And on a more important note, I want to thank all you dedicated people out there who donate blood. This process took about 7 hours and I received 3 units of blood. Every time they bought a new unit, I kept thinking about the nice people who took time out of their day to donate blood to help somebody like me. Blood donation is a truly selfless act and really, you never know when somebody might need it. I never had a blood transfusion before and never dreamed I would need one - I am a healthy person who exercises and watches my diet and lives a pretty low-risk lifestyle. So thanks to those who donate blood - your actions are truly appreciated.

I feel so much better now and am working with my doctor to find out why this happened. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughtful messages - I appreciate your concern.

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Linda Shields said...

So sorry for your health issue--and happy to hear you got treatment. You must be quite a trooper to have gotten that low on Hgb before seeing a doctor. And good for you, learning about a great new product to sell while using your time "off" to write a blog! Yes, there is a crazy gene in you, and the rest of us like you. :-)

annelouise99 said...

SO glad you are feeling better and didn't wait too long to go to the doctor! Better title for this article might have been "You know you're addicted to reselling when..." Just can't stop yourself!

Jay Dedman said...

Glad it wasn't anything more serious. And I agree that I think the reseller gene is in some people. I can't go out into the world without noticing items that people are using. This is why reason why we always spend a week in NYC each year to just walk around and see what people are wearing. Kids are always repurposing older clothes for a new style. (Like grandpa cardigan sweaters these days)

Suzanne A. Wells said...

Linda - thank you!

AnneLouise - yes, that would have been the perfect title. I know it will be appropriate again in the future ;)

Jay - agreed. People watching is a great low-tech way to get product ideas. Thanks for stopping by!