Wednesday, July 22, 2009

eBay Seller Success Story: Remington Tight Curls

These have been a hot one (no pun intended) on eBay for years. When I first heard about these a couple of years ago, I couldn't figure out what was so special about them until I saw a listing with the word "pageant" in the title.

Blue Remington Tight Curls make the spiral Shirley Temple curls worn by little girls in beauty pageants. Spiral curls are also popular in the competitive cheerleading world. The rollers heat up fast and stay hot for a long time. Pageant Moms love these! They often come to eBay to buy them.

Jessica from the SAHM eBay Facebook Group shared a recent sale with us. Jessica said, "At one of the yard sales I went to today I found my first set of Remington Tight Curls that looks brand new, still in the box with the clips!!! I was SOOO excited! It was like it was just staring at me when I walked up to the sale." And here is her listing:

Remington Tight Curls W/ Box & Original Clips Pageant

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Jessica's Cost: $4
Selling Price: $80
Profit Before Fees: $76

Way to go, Jessica! Great sale!

And here is something interesting - here is just the base for the tight curls, no rollers or clips, that sold for $51:

REMINGTON TIGHT CURLS Hot Roller Base Unit Only H-21SP

So, don't even pass up the warming unit if you see it without the rollers!

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Happy Selling!


SandyK said...

Congratulations to Jessica! Here's a funny story (true!) ... last year I found a similar set and added the word PAGAENT to the title ~ problem is, I spelled it that way incorrectly (who knew?) ... I got sooooo many p-moms writing me notes advising me of my mis-spelling. Guess I got their attention, huh?

Paula said...

I forgot that these rollers had to be the tight curl kind and I bought another type at a garage sale which isn't a hot seller. So, you really need to make sure its this exact type.