Thursday, July 16, 2009

Discontinued Item to Sell on eBay - Kodachrome Film

I was reading Time Magazine and came across an article on Kodachrome film. "After a 74 year run, Kodachrome, the world's first commercially successful color film, was pulled by Eastman Kodak because of the the declining demand." - Time Magazine, July 6, 2009, page 17.

I suppose we have digital cameras to thank for this. Naturally, I went to check eBay and found that Kodachrome products are good sellers - probably collectors gathering them while they still can. There are various listings from camera film, slide film, and more. Here is one listing for 3 rolls of Kodachrome film that sold for $66.00:

3 rolls of Kodachrome 64 (36 exp. 07/2010) slides film

Click here to see all completed listings for Kodachrome film.

Kodak expects the supply to become exhausted by the fall and you might be able to find it in camera shops until them. If you have some Kodachrome lying around, and you aren't too attached to it, you might consider selling it on eBay. This will also be a good item to look for at garage and estate sales. Experts speculate that this item may become highly collectible as it was a huge part of the Baby Boomer's generation. Let me know if you find any!

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