Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Find Great eBay Inventory in a College Town Near You!

Thanks to reader and Facebook Group member Kate in San Francisco for posting this:

"Hey y'all, I haven't posted here before, but I wanted to pass along a tip/reminder to others who primarily resell clothes.

Over the next few weeks, thrift stores in EVERY town with a college or university will have some amazing loot. Students heading home for the summer donate piles of barely used, brand name clothes, just to avoid the hassle of shipping it all home. Some universities even arrange for a local thrift store to come collect the giant piles from each dorm.

This could be useful for some of you who live in areas where quality inventory is scarce - if there's a college an hour or so away, it's worth the trip. A lot of liberal arts schools are in smaller towns and rural areas, and the budgets of those students are wildly disproportionate to the local economy.

Just remember to brush up on your Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sub-brands ahead of time!"

Also, if you have access to a college campus, like my friend Nancy whose husband was a math professor, just wander around the campus during and immediately following exam time. Nancy found discarded text books lying around campus, on top of trash cans, and on building steps where students left them. Some text books can sell for insane prices on both eBay and Amazon.

Also check around the dumpsters. Students may throw away sellable items as they avoid the hassle of moving back home.

Happy hunting!

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