Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anthropologie Brand to Sell on eBay: Leifsdottir

Anthropologie is one of those mall brands of clothing that is trendy, comfortable, stylish, and can be expensive. The trick to making money with this brand is learning the sub-brands. Most Anthropologie items don't say "Anthropologie" on the label. You have to learn the sub-brands as well as the look and style of the labels.

I'll be doing a series on my blog (so be sure to subscribe) showing you some of the sub-brands I've actually found and sold so you can recognize them easily when you are out thrifting or shopping at consignment stores, church sales, or garage sales. If you are really industrious, you can start by studying the list of sub-brands here. But once you see the list, you will probably want to stick with my tutorials with images of labels and actual items - that list is pretty overwhelming!

This post is about the sub-brand Leifsdottir. I have only found sweaters in this brand and they all have the same look. Leifsdottir sweaters are usually a thick chunky knit, with big round buttons or some other interesting embellishment on the front. The Leifsdottir label looks like this:

Not very fancy, and you probably wouldn't think this is a very expensive brand by the look of the tag. Here are some completed listings so you can see how this brand holds its value:

The more unusual, the better. Especially on eBay. An average price for this brand of sweater is around $35, depending on size, style, etc. Watch for this brand when shopping for pre-owned clothing to sell on eBay.

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