Saturday, September 26, 2015

Make Money Selling Taco Bell Diablo Sauce Packets on eBay

I've been selling on eBay since 2003 (almost 13 years now) and this business never gets boring. Something new to learn every day. I read on Money Making Mondays that people were successfully selling Taco Bell Diablo sauce packets on eBay. This "blistering hot" sauce was released on Cinco de Mayo this year. I could not verify that it has been officially discontinued, but there is definitely a shortage as it is showing up on eBay in lots and selling very well.

Prices aren't as high now as they were during the summer. Who knows what will happen once the supply gets really low and people are looking for unique ways to spice up their Thanksgiving turkeys or find that special stocking stuffer for their hard-to-buy-for hot-sauce-loving brother in law.

Prices are all over the place. I am suspicious that Taco Bell employees might be hoarding the stuff because really, who has 550 packets of sauce on hand? Something is amiss here...

Here are some completed listings on eBay for Taco Bell Diablo Sauce:

12 packs for $12 + free shipping (Sold on Sept 20)

60 packets for $24.99 (Sold on Sept 18)

The suspicious 550 packets for $69 (Sold on Sept 8)

So check out your pantry, office drawers, glove compartment, and down between the seats in your car - there could be Taco Bell cash hiding in there! And make sure to subscribe (upper right corner) so you can get more updates like this in your email.

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