Friday, June 19, 2015

Revlon Colorsilk #72 Discontinued Hair Color Selling for $45 a Box on eBay


It's simple economics - the less there is of something the more people will pay for it. A hot item on eBay right now is Revlon Colorsilk #72 Strawberry Blonde Hair color. This product regularly sells for around $4 a box. But because it has been discontinued, the price on eBay has skyrocketed up to $44 a box. See the listing above that sold on June 4, 2015.

eBay shows 3 active listings for this product as of this writing.

Amazon shows 2 sellers with this product and prices are over $50.

But, more could be hiding in drug stores, grocery stores, or closeout stores like Big Lots. Don't forget little country drug stores and pharmacies that don't get much traffic. Hard to find discontinued products could be off the beaten path just waiting for you.

I am not sure why people pay such high prices for a discontinued item. At some point, they will have to find a replacement. I can help you learn how to identify discontinued items to sell on eBay. Schedule a private consultation here and I will share everything I have learned selling discontinued items on eBay and Amazon since 2008.

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