Monday, December 15, 2014

A Heartwarming Christmas Story on eBay

Sometimes as eBay sellers we offer an item that can change someone's world.  Stories like this make selling on eBay even more special when we are "re-homing" things. Tonya shared this story on my Facebook group and gave permission for me to share it here.

"I have something to share. My father-in-law gave us this crate of Russian blown glass ornament set to sell on eBay. I listed them starting $89.99 +$20 shipping, without researching shipping costs first.

It sold for $89.99, and I took it to UPS and asked them to pack it well. After they packed it, the total cost of shipping came to $76, I paid, left, called my husband and cried. My profit was around $33.

The buyer just sent me a message telling me that it arrived safely, and this:

'Thank you again. Just an FYI. I used to buy my wife a set of ornaments every year for Xmas. She loved them and she/we had such a beautiful tree 100% glass ornaments. She passed away Oct 3rd and just couldn't break the tradition. Pleased to have such a beautiful boxed set for this year.'

Now my measly $33 profit isn't so bad."

Thanks for sharing, Tonya. You made someone very happy.

Have you ever had a situation like this, as a buyer or a seller, where eBay made all the difference in finding the perfect item? Feel free to share in the comments or send me your story to share on my blog.

Happy Holidays! 

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