Wednesday, August 21, 2013

eBay Seller Success Story - Sell Old Tractor Parts

Last week I bragged on fellow seller Shawn for his remarkable sale of empty paper towel rolls.  He went on to inform me of another trash to cash story:

"Way back in 2003, my brother and I sold tractor engines on eBay. He would go around and find tractors that people had abandoned for various reasons. The engines usually ran just fine but he is a mechanic and could fix any problems. We made $6,000 profit in about 6 months. Just another example of a trash to treasure story.

Many people are so negative about making money on eBay. They don't realize that they can make money if they just use their imagination.

I sell mostly software and video games, but I also make money by selling a few services. I install scripts (programs) on customer websites, I transfer sites from one host to another, and I also do custom programming. I made over $250 just from a few jobs last month."

So there you have it - no excuses now! If you still aren't a believer, download my free eBook, "Cash Hiding in Your Home" for a list of 30 things that look like junk but have value on eBay. Crazy things like broken clock parts, random board game tokens, and glass microwave turntables. ( I could kick myself for throwing out all those old trays from when a microwave broke!)

Visit my website here to download your free copy. You will be amazed to learn all of the stuff in your home that is worth something on eBay!

Do you have an eBay story to share? Have you sold something weird or unique lately? Send me a message here to have your find considered for posting here on my blog.


ItsDenise said...

I am ebay seller too! Glad to come across your blog!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Nothing odd lately, but I have to tell you that thanks to your post on vintage perfumes, I purchased several lots at an estate sale last weekend and have already sold a few! :)