Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't Throw That Trash Away! Sell it on eBay!

We have been having a blast over on my Facebook group discussing all the wild and crazy things you can actually sell on eBay - things that are considered trash or worthless items lying around your home or backyard. Here are a few of the items mentioned:

Empty toilet paper rolls
Empty paper towel rolls
Bottle caps
Pine cones
Sea shells

Shawn started the thread by posting this completed listing of empty paper towel rolls that sold for $16.95:

Talk about pulling money out of thin air! These items are often used for craft projects. Take a look on Pinterest and notice what people are  making with these types of items. Many craft and DIY enthusiasts go to eBay to buy their supplies.

There are opportunities all around you to make money, you just might not know it. In fact, the average American household has over $7,000 worth of items that can be sold online.

Download my FREE eBook, Cash Hiding in Your Home, to learn about things you already have that you can sell for great profit on eBay things like parts from broken kitchen appliances, stuff in junk drawers, game pieces (like Scrabble tiles), rusty tools in the garage, and of course clothes and shoes.

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Ade said...

Great post Suzanne, I run a part time business on eBay U.K. As a family we're probably throwing out a couple of hundred pounds a year.