Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How I Got $500 from Amazon Over the Weekend

If you sell with Amazon's FBA program, do you ever feel like something is missing? Maybe you should be seeing bigger payouts based on the amount of inventory you are sending in? Me, too. I decided to do some snooping around last weekend and discovered quite a bit of inventory was either lost, damaged, or had been destroyed without my knowledge.

On April 5, I opened about 20 support tickets with Amazon for further investigation. Many of these items had been sent in as long as 3 months ago but fell through the cracks for various reasons. Here is a screen shot of some of my support requests:

In just a few hours, the reimbursements started coming in! As of today, April 10 , I have received $545.61 in reimbursements on items that Amazon would not have reimbursed me for if I hadn't brought it to their attention. Take a look at what I have received so far:

This process only took about 2 hours and I have received over $500 in reimbursements so far (some tickets are still outstanding). Not a bad hourly rate to put some extra cash in my account - cash that I was due but probably wouldn't have ever seen if I hadn't researched it myself.

Sometimes, we get so focused on scouting for inventory, sending in shipments, and keeping up with replenishments, we lose track of what has already been sent into Amazon warehouses. If you are not keeping a close eye on your Amazon business, it can get away from you in a hurry.

I have taken the time to share this process with you. If you aren't familiar with how to keep tabs on your FBA inventory, I have created a Lesson on Demand to show you the exact process for researching lost, damaged, or destroyed inventory that you could be getting reimbursed for. Remember, when Amazon is at fault and loses or damages inventory, you are reimbursed the same as if your item sold, not just the price you paid for the item.

This lesson includes a 20 minute video showing:

How to determine if inventory is missing.

How to use different reports to discover lost, damaged, or destroyed inventory.

How to navigate the Amazon Seller Dashboard to find information needed for support requests.

How to file Amazon FBA support requests for lost, damaged, or destroyed inventory.

8 step process I use to get money back from Amazon.

Also includes PDF file with reimbursement request process outlined.

The cost of this lesson is $39 and an instant download. Learn how to research your own Amazon FBA inventory and start filing for reimbursements today!

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