Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free and Confidential Mentoring for Your Small Business

If you’re considering starting a small business or are in the beginning stages of one, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider and a lot of choices to make. That’s where SCORE can be a huge help. SCORE partners with the US Small Business Administration and is focused on helping small businesses and informing and teaching entrepreneurs. They are a nonprofit organization and have been around since 1964. The best part about SCORE? All of their services are completely free. They are made up of over 13,000 volunteers who offer their expertise at no cost. All of their volunteers have years of experience and are equipped to help with any questions a new business owner may have. They have chapters nationwide, so you can find someone to help you no matter where you’re located.

SCORE offers a variety of resources. They offer “Find a Mentor”, which allows you to search for and email one of their mentors – or meet with a local one at one of their chapters. SCORE also holds events throughout the nation as well as offering online webinars and workshops. Events can be a great way to connect with other new small business owners in your area, as well as with more experienced leaders.

In addition to their mentors and other resources, SCORE has a variety of tools and templates available on their website. They offer information and resources to help you increase business, manage your money properly, create a business plan, etc. Learn more about SCORE here.

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