Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips for Selling Disney Collectibles on eBay

Disney collectibles are very popular - so much so that many online stores have whole categories with just Disney merchandise. These sections are called Disneyana and are normally separated in post 1968 and pre 1968 categories. Pre 1968 merchandise is normally worth more than the newer items. However, if a newer item is very rare it can be worth more than older items. It all depends on what collectors want. And of course, not all items have value. There are many items out there that have been so mass produced that there is no demand for them.

Newer Disney items’ popularity is normally dependent on the popularity of the movie they’re from. While collectibles based on the main characters are of course popular, serious collectors are often just as interested in lesser known characters. There is a large variety of popular items, both new and old. Animation art (production drawings, etc.), books, records, comics, prints, and lithographs are all popular. And of course, snow globes, vintage watches, games, dolls, figurines, and toys are also popular. Even items from the various theme parks have value - menus, signs, programs, etc. Letters and other pieces with Walt Disney’s signature are also sought after by collectors.

It’s fairly easy to identify the age of Disney collectibles. The characters’ faces and other features looked different on older items. For example, Donald Duck had a pointier bill on older pieces. Minnie and Mickey also had different eyes - they were ovals with black pupils, and a “slice” was removed from each of the pupils.

It’s important to be sure that Disney collectibles are legitimate. There are a large number of rip offs made in China. To be sure that an item is truly valuable, it’s a good idea to have it appraised. Some items are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity to prevent this problem.

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Serena said...

One newer Disney item to look out for are the "hidden Mickey" stuffed animals from either the theme parks or the Disney Store. One seller I know sold one for over $700.

Michelle said...

Hi Suzanne! I just sold a 1958 Disney Animation book for $77 that I found in my parent's attic! :-)