Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Me Jeans a Good Seller on eBay

The Miss Me brand is relatively new, but it has become very popular. It was launched in 2001 and was intended to provide clothing for women who cannot be contained to just one style. Miss Me designed their clothing to be versatile, comfortable, and always stylish. They have two different lines in order to suit all occasions. They also have developed a line for children, called Miss Me Girls, that is intended to provide fashionable pieces that are still appropriate for younger girls.

Miss Me jeans are high quality and specialized, with a variety of washes and embellishments available that are inspired by rock and western styles. Their sportswear line was designed to offer pieces that coordinated perfectly with their denim styles. Miss Me also created dresses, tops, and even outerwear in order to give consumers the Miss Me style in all that they wore.

Miss Me created a couture line, called MM Couture, in 2008. They designed it to offer more formal items yet still have the same style and feel as their other pieces.

Miss Me pieces have been featured in a variety of magazines, including Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour. Their pieces have been worn by many stars, such as Beyonce and Mischa Barton. Their pieces retail in select stores in the US, Japan, Latin America, and Europe.

Miss Me jeans have a 63% sell through rate on Terapeak when pulling a 45 day history. The best sellers are the Rock Revival and maternity styles selling at an average of $175 depending on the specific style and cut.

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