Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Best iPad Accessories to Sell on eBay

Accessories and complimentary products for more expensive items are a great niche product to sell in your Amazon or eBay store. One of the most popular items right now is the Apple iPad. There are a variety of accessories available for it, giving you plenty to choose from. Here are a few ideas -
The ILuv Glarefree Protective Film is designed to protect the iPad screen from fingerprints, dust, and scratches, while also giving users the ability to change the angle of the screen for easier viewing. The Protective Film is 19.99 and almost invisible.

Because buyers have spent so much money on their iPad, they will want a way to protect it. The Belkin Grip Sleeve is made from silicone and textured neoprene in order to make it easier to hold on to. It has a soft lining to protect the touch screen and is available in black and purple with laser designs. The case can even be washed, making it great for everyday use. It retails for $29.99.
Another case option for iPad users is the Scosche KickBack iPad Stand. It’s made from rubber and polycarbonate, making the case shatterproof. It also has a kickstand built in that can be used vertically or horizontally. In addition, it makes gaming easier because of the molded hand grips on the sides.

The Luv iSP150 Bar Portable Stereo Speaker is battery powered so it can be used anywhere. It’s small enough to slip easily into a bag and comes with a carrying pouch of its own. The speaker sells for 34.99 and can even be used with an iPhone or iPod.

The Kensington PowerBolt Micro Car Charger sells for 24.99. It allows users to charge their iPad in their car. The charger is small enough to be out of the way and can be used on an iPod or iPhone too.
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Remember, the key to selling a product is to get in on the action early, ride the wave, then move on to the next hot product before the herd discovers it.

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