Friday, October 8, 2010

Selling Starbucks Items on eBay

Starbucks is extremely well known all over the world. Some Starbucks themed items sell very well on eBay. Here are a few tips to help you understand what items to sell.

One Starbucks item that does well is their flavored syrup. Many of the syrups are only sold at certain times of the year. If you buy the syrup while it’s available, you can do very well in the off season. A lot of people don’t think about stocking up on their favorite flavor, so they’re willing to pay more than retail price to get it when they run out.

Older or hard to find Starbucks coffee mugs are big sellers as well. Many people collect them, and they can sometimes be found at a garage sales or in a thrift store. Architect City, Bella Vista, and Tel-Aviv mugs all have selling prices of more than $150. For more examples of popular mugs, check eBay’s completed listings.

Starbucks plush Bearista Bears (especially the limited or special editions) are also popular. They can also be found at a thrift store or garage sale. Bearista Bears created with a pro sports team theme can often be sold for more than $40 each. Grouping the bears into a lot is a good selling strategy.

Gift cards from Starbucks also sell well. They normally sell for 90% of their value. You can increase your profits even more if you get the gift cards free. 

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