Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grow Your eBay Consignment Business - Sign Up for Consignment Sellers' Directory

Consignment is an effective way to grow your eBay business and increase your profit without having to spend money buying more inventory or paying helpers. The benefits of consignment include:

1. Get exposure to products you may not otherwise find on your own. Consider this free education! You will learn valuable information you can apply to your own business in the future by dealing with other people's merchandise.

2. Reduce risk of low DSRs and defects because of increased number of transactions. Once a seller has fallen below Top Rated Seller or standard performance level, the only way to recover is by having a larger percentage of satisfactory transactions. Consignment merchandise helps sellers "water down" defects and low DSRs.

3. Build feedback faster. The more feedback you have, the more established you will appear, and the more consignment clients you will attract.

4. Make money without spending money. You don't have to buy the inventory or hire help. Your investment is time.

5. Create a steady stream of inventory coming to you. Once you build a consignment clientele, customers will return to use your services. Your clients will like the way you help them make money!

6. Create a supply of inventory where there is little or none. If you live in an area that does not have great merchandise in thrift stores, where thrift store prices are too high, or where winter weather prevents yard sales, consignment is a convenient way to source inventory and continue making money.

7. Sell inventory in better condition than traditional sources. Sometimes the inventory in the major thrift store chains has been man-handled so much that it is beat up and not in great condition. Consignment items may come to you directly from  someone's home where it is in pristine condition.

eBay used to have a Trading Assistant program that connected eBay consignment sellers with potential clients. That program was discontinued in 2013. There are millions of people out there with items to sell, who don't have the time or inclination to learn to sell on eBay, who are looking for sellers to sell their items. Also, many sellers in my Facebook Group have indicated they have huge stockpiles of inventory and would love to find a local person to sell those items for them.

 How it works

1. The directory is free for clients to access - it comes up on Google searches.

2. The directory is posted here on my blog so that those seeking a consignment seller can find it quickly and easily when using internet search engines. See the directory of sellers here.

3. The directory is be organized by city and state. And it is ok if there are multiple sellers in the same city. Each seller will more than likely have their own pricing structure, want to work with different types of products, and be in different locations. Don't worry about fellow sellers in the same area - there are plenty of clients to go around.

4. Seller's name, email address, and link to eBay store or account is shown in directory. You do not need to have a store to participate.

5. Once the client contacts a seller, all of the particulars about pricing, fees, and other details. are worked out between seller and client. (So yes, your name will be on the list and will be found by Google - but so will your eBay store name - and that is good for business!)

You Reach Thousands of Prospects

I aggressively market this list on my social media channels, blog, article sites, and in my newsletter. My reach on the internet:

     YouTube - 14k subscribers, 150k minutes of monthly watch time

     Twitter - 12k followers

     Facebook Group - 23k members (Sellers who may need your help!)

     Facebook Business page - 1.5k fans and paid ads to reach thousands

     eBay Coach Blog - 75k monthly views

     Pinterest - 5.5 k followers

     The Balance - 240k monthly page views

What You Get

1. Consignment tutorial with information about how to get started with consignment and  a recommended commission schedule. I'm helping you get organized and giving you a road map before you even start taking on clients.

2. Standard Consignment Agreement to use with clients.

3. Unlimited email support whenever you have a question, problem, or need help.

4. Monthly newsletter with consignment tips, seasonal selling strategies, promotion techniques, and materials to use with your consignment business.

5. Money back guarantee. If you have not been contacted by any clients within 6 months, I will refund your money, no questions asked. I want you to be successful and for this investment to pay off. 


Cost is $50 per year. For less than the price of one Starbuck's coffee a month, you can get exposure to thousands of potential clients 24 hours a day. Clients can contact you directly about selling their items on eBay for a commission. You can be added to the directory at any time and there is no long term commitment and no pressure to renew.

New to consignment? No problem. Sellers who sign up for the directory will also receive free email support to answer your consignment questions for as long as you are listed in the directory. I am here for you whenever you have a question, need help, or want advice.


Unsolicited testimonials from other sellers. Come to my Facebook Group to chat with these sellers if you have any questions about how the directory works. 

So let's work together to grow your eBay consignment business. Just click here submit payment and I'll add you right away. Let's connect with all those clients with great stuff to sell on eBay. Don't leave any more money on the table - start today! 

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