Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Source for eBay Inventory - Hallmark Stores

Hallmark stores can be a great source of inventory. You will need to check back often as new markdowns are taken. Here are some good things to look for.

Yankee Candles are good sellers on eBay. Yankee Candle is the number one selling candle brand in America, offering over 150 scents and a huge selection of sizes and candle products and accessories. These candles are not cheap. The large jar candles sell for around $25. That is why Yankee Candle lovers turn to eBay to find their favorite candles for lower prices. Hallmark will often mark down candles that are out of season. For example, in the spring when all the floral and beach scents are popular, you might see the Christmas and Halloween candles on clearance. These will sell year round. People collect Yankee Candles and some people never even burn them. If you stumble on a scent that has been discontinued, stock up. As soon as an item has been discontinued, its value will increase. To figure out which Yankee Candles are selling for the most, do a search on eBay completed listings for RETIRED YANKEE CANDLE.

Look for marked down NCAA team related products. Hallmark stores often carry knick knacks like bird houses, license plates, ceramic figurines, beer steins, and jewelry that is related to your local NCAA team. This kind of stuff sells well year round. Check the original price on the item and determine if you are getting a deal. 10% off is not a deal. 75% off is a deal. Do your research and use your best judgment.

Look for collectible themed items. Examples include Barbie, Harley Davidson, Coca-Cola, and Sesame Street items. Look in the clearance section and see what is marked down.

Hallmark also has a rewards program called the Hallmark Gold Crown program. You can earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on Hallmark products and 50 points for each greeting card. Points accumulate toward reward certificates.

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