Friday, February 19, 2010

Source for eBay Inventory - Daily Deal Sites

One strategy I use for obtaining items to sell on eBay is daily deal sites. The strategy is:

1) See what is on the daily deal site.

2) Check your research tool or completed listings and determine if you can sell the item at a profit.

3) Watch the shipping. Some sites charge a flat shipping fee no matter how many you order, other sites charge per item. So watch your cost on shipping.

I recently found these mini photo studios on a daily deal site for $9.95 with $5 shipping for the entire order. I bought 5 of them. I listed them in store inventory for $39.95 in my store. Here is my listing:

I have sold 3 of them for a profit of $18 each. Not bad for something you can buy online, have delivered to your door, and just slap a label on to reship. Here are the daily deal sites I use:


1 Sale a Day

Daily Steals



Happy Selling!

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