Saturday, January 2, 2010

My eBay Flip - True Religion Jeans

This is how you have fun with eBay! I love flipping listings. Here is another one I did, and it just sold on Best Offer a few minutes ago. (Click here for a 5 minute video tutorial on how to flip listings.)

Original listing:

Fatal errors:

NEW NWT keywords not in title
(anyone searching for NEW True Religion jeans won't find this listing)

True is spelled "Trrue" - misspelled words don't come up in searches
(when the word is spelled correctly)

Poor photo - item is sideways

No return policy

Listing does not give fabric content, measurements

Shipping is too high

No international shipping

I paid $51.00 + $9.99 for shipping. Total investment = $60.99

Here is my listing:


Added several more photos

Used keyword NEW NWT in title, spelled brand name correctly

Gave fabric content and measurements in description

Added 30 day return policy

Added international shipping

Charged $5.50 for domestic shipping
(these will fit in a Flat Rate Envelope - click here for more info on using Flat Rate envelopes)

I ran these on auction first and they didn't sell. Then I put them in my store inventory with Best Offer. I had several crummy offers. Accepted an offer for $150. I could have held out for more, but my profit on this item is $81, so I am happy with that. Waiting is part of the game, but don't get greedy.


My cost = $60.99
Sale price = $150
My profit = $81.32
Time invested = 30 minutes

You can see that in this case, I realized an income of $162.64 an hour doing this. You can learn to do this, too!

Find sloppy listings and resell the items for way more than you paid for them!


Holly said...

You amaze me Suzanne!!! This is awesome. Looks like I am going to have to break down and learn more about Arbitrage. Thanks for all you do. Your blog is so inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring Suzanne! I'm going to have to learn more and try this myself. I love your success stories!


Ecommerce Mom said...

I love it! Easy deals like that put a huge smile on my face--even when they are someone else's profits!

Tammy said...

I already started doing this and I found a pair of True Religion jeans on auction and won them for $21! The seller was new to eBay and didn't put NWT or NEW in the title and also didn't put the size in the title and the measurements were not in the listing. Also the pictures were poorly done. They also over charged for shipping! I am so excited to see how much I get for them and I will send my e-mail when they have sold!!

Kristi said...

Incredible! I need to do some flipping. What is the best site to use to look for ebay misspelled listings?