Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shipping Tip - USPS Flat Rate Mailers Not Just for Documents

A few clarifications and notes:

1) When I say, "You can put anything in these," of course I mean anything that is allowed by the post office. It has to be legal is the point.

2) Domestic flat rate, unlimited weight, $4.95 before adding Delivery Confirmation, insurance, etc.

3) International flat rate, 4 lb weight limit, $12.95 before adding tracking, insurance, etc. Customs form must be attached.

4) Flap must seal on its own. Envelope must not be modified - cut, 2 taped together, etc.

5) Click here to order the Flat Rate cardboard mailer online.

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Forget going to the post office - try The primary benefit to is that it is the only online shipping site that allows you to print First Class International at home. I ship 75+ packages a week, 90% of them go out of the country as FCI or in Flat Rate envelopes. I never go to the post office!

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