Monday, January 11, 2010

Follow Up - Kellogg's All Bran Fiber Drink Mix

Back in October, I posted about this discontinued item, All Bran Fiber Drink Mix. I actually found quite a few of them at grocery stores and have had them for sale in my eBay store inventory since that time. The last one sold over the weekend. Here is the listing:

Here is the math:

Clearance price at grocery store: $4.89
Coupon stuck on each box: -$2.oo
My price: $2.89
Sale price for 2 boxes: $21.95
My profit before fees: $19.06

I found about 16 of these so my total profit on this obscure little grocery store item was $152.00. Granted it took about 3 months for all of them to sell, but I am ok with that. Not bad for something that I picked up while grocery shopping, and took me about 10 minutes to list!

Keep sending in your great finds to


Paula said...

Great price and great return for your money.

Anonymous said...


We owe you a debt of gratitude on this one. Following your advice, we managed to acquire quite a bit of the kelloggs all bran fiber drink mix. Our last lot is up for auction right now. We've done quite well selling them. Thank you and your friends so much on these rare items and helping us learn how great selling discontinued items can be.

-John H., Jacksonville, FL