Wednesday, December 2, 2009

eBay Seller Success Story - Girls North Face Coat

Thanks to Tara for sending in her success story on a North Face girls coat. Tara writes, "I sell everything and anything on eBay, lots of thrift store items, and this item happened to be one of them. The thrift store across the street from my work has tons of name brand items - and all their kids items (no matter what it is) are only $1! So when I found this girl's North Face jacket, I figured I'd at least make $10 on it. I took it home, OxiCleaned it to get all the stains out (which works WONDERS!) and see for yourself the final bidding price. keep in mind there was still a minor stain or two which I had listed. Honesty never hurts!"

Here is Tara's listing:

Tara's price: $1
Selling price: $51
Profit before fees: $50

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Happy Selling!

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Paula said...

Nice Find Tara. I love finding North Face apparel, it always sells really well.