Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Item to Sell on eBay - General Mills Box Tops For Education

"Box Tops has helped America's schools earn over $250 million in the past 12 years. Your school can earn up to $60,000 every year."

A reader clued me in on this one. Did you know you can buy/sell Box Tops for Education on eBay? This is a win-win situation! People who don't use the box tops can accumulate and sell them, schools who want them can buy them and redeem for educational materials, supplies, and and other items for schools. Here is a recently completed listing for Box Tops for Education:

500 Box Tops for Education Boxtops btfe FREE Ship 2009+

Click here to see all the completed listings for Box Tops for Education to get an idea of quantities and selling price. (There were over 350 completed listings as of this writing.)

Click here to sign up for the Box Tops for Education program and get 5 extra points.

Happy Selling!


Gootopia said...

Great iten ! I've seen these for sale on Ebay but I'm still at the phase of saving them for my own kids schools.... but as soon as they stop collecting them I will be selling them on Ebay !!

I also have another suggestion for selling similar to the box tops. Coke rewards, I have done this before, never have enough points to get the items on their website so I save them up and list them on Ebay. Quick few bucks!

Great website and ideas ! Keep up the good work!

Pam :)

Angie said...

Who knew you could sell these??? I sat down to blog about rewards this morning. Great minds think alike! :)

Gave you some link love.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I don't have kids so I really don't have a place to give these to. I was actually thinking about collecting them and give it to my colleagues.

Assuming each one is worth 10 cents, I was quite surprised that the amount of money it is being sold on eBay. I would have assumed a decent amount of discount.

Anonymous said...

I am Box Tops coordinator in my son's school. I run contests throughout the year and some parents & teachers get extremely competitive and turn in lots and lots of box tops in order to win the contest. I've watched the box tops on ebay and they actually go for more than face value. I even had idea that instead to send the to GM for a cash reward I should sell them on ebay and give the ebay profit to school. Katarina/lattegirltoo on ebay