Friday, December 5, 2008

What to Sell on eBay – Down Vests

Down vests are good sellers. Men's, women's, and children's - they all are good sellers. You can find them at thrift stores for $1 - $2. The higher the down content, the more you can sell them for on eBay. Look for brands like LL Bean, Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, and Obermeyer. Even off brands do well as long as the down content is high. 100% down is optimal.

As always, when shopping for used clothing to sell on eBay, look over the item well before purchasing it. Look for rips or tears, make sure zippers work, make sure all snaps are present, and check for stains.

Another great thing about selling down vests is that they are lightweight and easy to ship. You can offer free shipping on these – just build the shipping price into the price of the item. Remember, free shipping helps get you to the top of Best Match.

Be sure to offer international shipping. Europeans like 100% down vests and coats. Down is high quality, holds its value, and is warm!

Click here for completed listings for 100% down vests.

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