Tuesday, July 26, 2016

eBay Seller's Vintage Item Appraised on Antiques Roadshow

Fellow eBay seller Rachel who lives in Fort Worth, Texas was lucky enough to attend the Antiques Roadshow last week. She brought one of her thrift flip finds, a vintage Missoni top. She has had some trouble researching it. She said that the textiles appraiser was so kind and excited. He gave Rachel a lot of information including that the top was classic 70's and showed her how to tell from the cut of the garment as well as how to store her Missoni collection.

He mentioned never to store knits on hangers, always roll them. He also said that the tag condition rarely affects the value of the piece. The appraiser told Rachel that she had "an exceptional piece of fashion history" and appraised it at $200.

When he asked Rachel how much she paid for it, she told him $2.50 and he said, "You did good, kid!"

Rachel said the show was such a great experience and validating. The Missoni top won't be on the show but other people brought some really cool things and she had a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel!

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