Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Great FREE Service for eBay Sellers - Garage Sale Finder

Yay, it's garage sale time again! Only eBay nerds will understand the excitement of this time of year. Those critical few hours on Friday and Saturday are golden - make sure you are making the most of your time and hitting the biggest sales that have the stuff you want. 

Garage sale apps have come and go over the last few years, so we have to adapt and keep up with the changes. I am using Garage Sale Finder. I do my recon work at home before I go and download the stops to my GPD. It is a free site, and does the following:

1. Identifies sales within a specified radius of your home address. You decide what the radius is.

2. Color codes different types of sales. 

3. Click on the sales that interest you to read description, dates and times, and directions.

4. View photos if the seller has uploaded them. (Not all sales have photos.)

5. Pick your favorites and plan your route. You can download your stops to your GPS device, or print a list to take with you.

6. The site serves these major cities:

7. Be a super planner and get notifications in your inbox. Just set the criteria for your favorite kinds of sales and you will be notified when one hits the site.

Again, this is a free site.  Visit Garage Sale Finder here and give it a try!

Make sure to check out my 30 day YouTube Challenge. There are new playlists and a daily lesson on what to sell, keywords, and FAQs. You can set the play list to play uninterrupted and listen to a whole string of videos while you work.

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