Saturday, February 27, 2016

Discover How to Find Items Online to Flip on eBay

Most eBay sellers love the thrill of the hunt in thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales. But what if something is preventing you from sourcing inventory as often as you like? Maybe it is an illness, a loved one you care for, a 9-5 job, poor sourcing choices in your area, or life is just busy? 

Now you can discover how to find the low hanging fruit on eBay - millions of low cost items (even 99 cent items) that go unsold every month that YOU can sell for high profit.

1. Find items on eBay priced low that you can easily flip for much higher profit.

2. Target Mega Sellers who sell thousands of department store items for 99 cents every day. Buy their stuff cheap and resell much higher!

3. Use local Facebook groups to source inventory (neat tricks I've learned).

4. Find misspelled auctions without bids - they don't come up in searches.

You also receive a bonus section where I reveal my process for discovering discontinued consumer goods to resell. A process I've been using since 2009. 

The course comes with:

75 minutes of video explaining exactly how to find items to flip

56 page eBook

Resource list with over 100 brands of items to look for to flip and use in the misspelling tool

My guarantee for success - if you have questions or need help, just shoot me an email or Facebook message and I will personally help you by phone or email. 

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