Friday, August 14, 2015

21 Year Old eBay Seller Pays Cash for New Car - Hard Work Pays Off at Any Age!

Now here is a great story about how eBay can help you bring in extra money. A resourceful young woman graduated from high school in May of 2012 and wasn't a good fit for the traditional college track. Her mom encouraged her to start her own eBay business. Mom showed daughter the ropes and after about 3 months, the teenager was making $800 - $1,000 a month. She was on her own with the business - she lives at home but pays for everything except rent. Her mom was there to help her with difficult situations within the business as they arose.

The young woman learned eBay quickly - well, she had been around it most of her life. She even started a listing service for other sellers in her area - she recognized that the backlog for everyone was listing, NOT finding inventory. She had a nice side business making up to $500 a month just listing items for other sellers in her area. (Note - this was not consignment - simply the task of picking up the items from the other sellers, photographing and listing the items on their accounts, and returning them a few days later.) Moms in the area loved the service because it allowed them to use their picking skills and shop and make money without having to do the boring chore of listing.

This process went on for almost 3 years. The young woman had a clunker of a car that eventually ended up on the lot at CarMax. She and her mom shared a car for several months to allow the young lady to save up money to pay cash for a new car.

Fast forward to April 2015. The young woman is now 21 and ready to buy her car. She does the research and test drives a few cars. She decides on a 2011 Honda Civic with low mileage and a price of $9,500. She walks into the bank, makes a withdrawal of a bank check for just over $10,000 from her own account, and heads to the car lot to purchase her car.

Now keep in mind this 21 year old doesn't have a college degree, but she doesn't have any student debt (or any debt at all), she has 3 years of experience running her own business and a list of clients, and a car that is paid for in full. How many 21 year olds can say that?

Who is this amazing young woman? My daughter, Melanie. I am so proud of her. You can visit her eBay store here to see that she is the real deal. She works full time now at an oral and facial surgery office, but eBay is always running in the background. Maybe it is in her DNA?

Encourage those young people to get involved in eBay early. Millenials (GenY) have the computer skills to do this business. Many are savvy enough to understand the resale market early because they already buy on eBay. eBay is a great way for young people to learn customer service skills and make some money on the side 24 hours a day.

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