Friday, July 24, 2015

Make Money Selling Lots of Scrabble Tiles on eBay

Here is another "odds and ends" type item you can make money selling on eBay - Scrabble tiles. Scrabble games are an easy find at garage sales and thrift stores. Rather than selling and shipping the entire game (where the box may be crushed or torn and unappealing anyway), salvage the tiles. Let them accumulate over time and you have a item that is easy to ship in a padded flat rate envelope for $5.35 (with your eBay discount).

Your next question might be, who the heck would buy several hundred or thousand Scrabble tiles? Crafters, that's who. And what can be made from a bunch of random Scrabble tiles? Here are some examples:

Baby Gifts


Teacher Gifts


Christmas Ornaments

You get the idea. eBay shows 682 sold listings for "Scrabble Tiles" in used condition. You can sell the wooden letter racks in lots as those are used for crafts also. The colored tiles will sell for more as they are more scarce. (Remember, the more scarce something is the more it is worth.) Just a ball park figure - a lot of 300 wooden tiles sells for about $25.

So make yourself a little Scrabble Tile stockpile area and start adding to it when you see incomplete or less than optimal Scrabble games at garage sales and thrift stores. Crafters will thank you!

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