Tuesday, July 14, 2015

6 Tips for Shopping at Goodwill Outlets for eBay Merchandise

eBay sellers love the thrill of the hunt. Shopping and scavenging for inventory can almost be an addition. Once source of inventory is Goodwill Outlets. For those unfamiliar with a Goodwill Outlet, here are the facts:

Goodwill Stores is shipped to outlets all over the country.

Merchandise in Goodwill Outlets can be sold by the pound, commonly priced at 99 cents per pound. Merchandise can also be sold by the piece for about 75% off the regular Goodwill Store prices.

The same type of merchandise is sold in Goodwill Outlets that is sold in regular Goodwill Stores. The difference is that the items may be sorted by type (shoes, appliances, tools, etc.), or just brought out in huge bins for customers to sort through.

Goodwill Outlet shopping is a free for all. The experience can be totally chaotic and more like a stampede than an eBay sourcing trip. Be prepared to be pushed, shoved, bumped into, or even cursed at. Goodwill Outlets are not for the faint of heart.

eBay sellers who are up for the challenge of shopping at a Goodwill Outlet should be prepared. Here are some tips from seasoned eBay sellers for making the most out of your Goodwill Outlet visit.

1. Arrive early. It is not unusual for the line to form before the store opens.

2. Bring gloves. Since digging through bins is part of the drill, it is best to protect your hands. All kinds of gross items are hiding in the bins including bugs, small dead rodents, snakes, broken glass, metal shards, dirty underwear, used hypodermic needles, dirty diapers, or animal or human feces.

3. Don't start shopping until management blows the whistle - you can be kicked out for not following the rules.

4. Bring sheets to cover your cart. Other shoppers will pillage carts fill of merchandise.

5. Use a hanger or "grabber" to help reach items in the back or bottom of the bins.

6. Don't take babies or small children to the outlets. Not only can the outlets be unsanitary, but they are chaotic and small children can get lost in the shuffle.

Everything is sold as is - no returns or exchanges.

Even though shopping at the GWO can be a challenge, eBay sellers have reported finding some prime items in the bins. Some good finds reported on my eBay Sellers Facebook Group:

Queen Bee book that sold for $60

Leather jacket that sold for $750

Vera Bradley pet carrier sold for $60

Designer wool coats sold for over $100 each

Gurka duffle bag sold for $250

Burberry cape sold for $297

Patagonia top sold for $124

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. GWOs are only located in certain areas of the country. Find one near you at www.gwoutletstorelocator.com.

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Aviation Honey said...

GWO is the ONLY place I source anymore. My ROI is untouchable compared to other sourcing locations. Recent sales include a Shaw oriental rug for $200 (paid $7.50), Nike speed hurdles for $150 (paid $5), vintage Italian Christmas ornaments for $150 ($1), and Italian light fixtures $130 ($15). Estate sales are fun, but I get the most bang for my buck at GWO.

And I always bring my kids, I just stay out of the crowds. :D

Unknown said...

I was wondering is there a list of locations for Goodwill Outlets? I live in the Westchester New York area and I'm not sure if we have any here! Thanks!


Nandry said...

Our Goodwill Outlet pricing is GREAT! If you fill your cart over 50 pounds, it is only $0.59 per pound! They don't carry clothing though! GREAT place to shop!